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Sharron Angle (R-NV) who is running for the US Senate against Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has been accused of being an extremist, as someone who is to the far right of mainstream America and completely out of touch with reality.

Is that true? Is Sharron Angle out of touch with mainstream America? Is she an extremist?

Sharron Angle is holding her own with Senator Reid in the Polls, in the last quarter she raised $14 million for her campaign, and millions more are being poured into attack ads against Reid by special and secret interest groups. Groups such as the Tea Party Express, Karl Rove’s American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS which does NOT have to say who the donors are (GPS, get it, try and locate where the money is coming from). Special interest groups such as the US Chamber of Commerce who is receiving money from foreign nations and foreign corporations, the Koch Industries, who secretly fund the Tea Party and several other millionaires and billionaires whose names shall never be known because those special interest groups who pay for these attack ads are exempt from having to reveal the names of their donors.

So it would seem that since she is getting all of this money and support, some people see her as mainstream, and not extreme. Millions of dollars can buy a lot of support.

Sharron Angle said she "supports a free market", she says that she wants to do away with all "government regulations" in all industries. And if you listen to her, she really does support a "free market", a market free to do what they want. She even said that a free market polices itself, a free market will "weed out" the bad companies. Angle says that all of the economic fallout America has experienced was caused by "government regulations".

The way Angle tells it, greed has nothing to do with it, if they were allowed to police themselves, our economy would be fine, health care costs would be low, and the BP oil spill never would have happened, if there were no "government Regulations".

Angle said that she was against President Obama insisting that BP pay for the clean up and compensate those whose jobs were impacted by the largest environmental disaster in the United States. She said that the $20 billion that Obama had BP put into an escrow account was a "slush fund". So right there she gets the votes of the petroleum industry, or at least their money. Sharron Angle had also said that she would have voted against the funds to help the Gulf Coast States after they were hit by hurricane Katrina.

Angle is against the Banking reforms that were passed in congress. So it would appear that the banking institutions and their money also support her. Financial institutions also like Angle because she would "phase out Social Security" and have those monies diverted into stocks and bonds, trillions for Wall Street, and if or when the market crash's again, she would tell you, that's OK because that can happen in a Free Market and it will police itself.

Health Insurance companies love Angle because she wants to "privatize the VA", even after her knowing that privatization was the root cause for the Army’s Walter Reed Medical Center scandal. She wants to "Phase out Medicare" and get rid of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, or as she enjoys calling it, "Obamacare".  She wants to repeal the new law that requires insurance companies to sell health insurance coverage to children, even to those kids that are sick. Insurance companies see her as the goose that will lay golden eggs for them.

She is for the continued practice of outsourcing American jobs overseas, and the incentives given to corporations for those that do create jobs in other countries. Remember, she said, "its not her job to create jobs", she said its her job "to create an environment for private industry to create jobs", just not necessarily in this country.

Sharron Angle says she would eliminate the Department of Education, and the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), abolish the IRS and open up Yucca Mountain for the nations nuclear waste.

Sharron Angle said that she is against abortions even in cases of rape and incest. She wants the government to control the reproduction organs of ALL women.

She has compared herself to Jesus and Moses, she does NOT believe in the "Separation of Church and State", and she says the unemployed are "spoiled".

Now, to a sane person after reading all of this, he or she would say that Sharron Angle is an extremist and far right of mainstream America. But to Banking institutions, the Health Care corporations, the Oil corporations, and Mega corporations everywhere, they would say, she’s my kind of gal.

Originally posted to David Phillips on Thu Oct 21, 2010 at 10:34 AM PDT.

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