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Do you remember when Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley, the lead Republican negotiator on health care reform, echoed Sarah Palin by saying Democrats wanted to "pull the plug on grandma"?

How about when he said, "I've lived off the public tit all these years," talked again about "sucking the tit of the taxpayer," and talked sexually about Sen. Kent Conrad's wife during Senate proceedings?

Today, the PCCC and Democracy for America are launching a devastating TV ad against one of the craziest, most pro-corporate senators out there. Click here to see it, and please donate $4 to help us air it in Iowa.

Once again, progressives are going on offense -- showing national Democratic leaders how to fight.

UPDATE: Within hours, we're over $10,000 $12,000 $20,000 $28,000 toward our goal of $30,000! Chip in! And please keep the rec's coming...

We're running this ad because it would be unacceptable for Republican Chuck Grassley to be up for re-election and not be held accountable for his pro-corporate, crazy, and flat-out gross antics while in office. This ad could shake up the Iowa Senate race.

In the ad, an Iowan who voted for Nixon, Reagan, Bush, and Grassley calls the senator "an embarrassment" and says "it's time for someone new." Watch the ad -- and hold Grassley accountable.

Grassley's opponent is Roxanne Conlin, a well-known Democrat and former Assistant Attorney General for Iowa who spent her career fighting big corporations on behalf of the little guy. Her work led to the national law making it illegal for employers to fire women for being pregnant. She's awesome.

Unlike the corporate-funded attack ads on TV for Republicans, this ad is solely funded by people like you -- we'll run it as long as regular people keep chipping in. Every $100 helps us run another ad in Iowa.

Click here to see our hard-hitting TV ad -- and please chip in $4 to help us retire Sen. Chuck Grassley.

Thanks, folks.

Originally posted to AdamGreen on Thu Oct 21, 2010 at 07:13 AM PDT.

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