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So I am bored so I tune into Meet the Press and they are discussing the Catfood Commission. Fine, but the people discussing it all believe that SS is going broke and all of them believe that there is a budget problem. None of them want to address our medical costs and the gouging of our society by insurance companies. Instead we have a corporate moderate, Harold Ford, a Randite former Fed Chair, Alan Greenspan, A moronic right wing hack, Newt Gingrich and some author I have never heard of and the moronic host, Daivd Gregory and all of them think the same way about the issue. How is this a conversation? This is an agreement and all of them are talking about how we need to act.

This is pure propaganda put on by GE who stands to make a lot of money if we privatize SS, because GE does a ton of business in the financial investment market.

We really are fucked.

BTW, no one cares about the deficit. Check out this post election poll.

The Catfood commission sucks.

It’s no mystery what has happened on the deficit commission: as so often happens in modern Washington, a process meant to deal with real problems has been hijacked on behalf of an ideological agenda. Under the guise of facing our fiscal problems, Mr. Bowles and Mr. Simpson are trying to smuggle in the same old, same old — tax cuts for the rich and erosion of the social safety net.

Good fucking god Newt is such and asshole. He actually said government employees are some sort of entitled class! This man is out of his fucking mind!!!

Alan Greenspan is thought of as smart, but he really is just an ideological talking point machine wrapped up in complete bullshit.

Bond Market crisis. Is it real or is it something we are being fed to get us to follow what the catfood commission recommends?

and now a commercial about retirement investing, and now a word from an oil company and I figure we will see another one about investing. We all now who pays the bills. Look, the EVo 4g, sweet. Newt is going to run in 2012 and that is funny.

Originally posted to jbou on Sun Nov 14, 2010 at 08:54 AM PST.

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