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The answer is simple. The votes have been taken. Let the debate end there.

All of the tax cuts expire on January 31 because Republicans are unwilling to compromise.

The GOP has handed the Democrats the single best talking point ever handed to them, and they gave it up on a silver platter.

The Republicans did not vote for tax cuts.

Fine, let them be the anti-tax cut party. It's how they voted, now let them reap the consequences of their actions.

The Democrats control the Senate and control the agenda. There's no need to ever let tax cuts for the rich make it to the floor of the Senate. No tax cuts for the rich ever need get out of any committee.

This is the single best winning issue the Democrats could have.

So let them all expire and let the blame sit where it  belongs, with every Senator who voted "NO" to extending any tax cuts.

Originally posted to Walt starr on Sat Dec 04, 2010 at 10:32 AM PST.

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