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I don't have much to say. This will be quick.

If the so-called progressive community is done with Obama, than the black community will most likely be done with you. We aren't that worried about Republicans, we have certainly dealt with worse.

Now, you can take that shit however you want, but good luck with whatever you are planning because you will need it. Especially, since you haven't been able to sway a majority of white voters to your 'cause' in 30 years. Without us this party is nothing. Have fun planning your primary challenge and "progressing uprising" without us. We will be by and large standing with the president.

I hope he doesn't mind this, but I think John Cole said it best:

Apparently, Obama has lost Katrina van den Heuvel. I’m sure Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild is next...

And before you concern troll me, and claim she makes legitimate points, any alleged Democrat who goes on to the pages of Fred Hiatt’s fishwrap and claims Obama is on his way to a failed Presidency after the accomplishments of the last couple of years in the face of multiple crises, a depression, complete lack of help from the GOP and a fractured and spineless Democratic party, can just go fuck themselves. I don’t care what they have to say.

BTW- when the Democrats lose the black vote because of what has gone on during this administration, don’t act all surprised. I’ve warned you all of the simmering anger just below the surface in the African-American community. They’re being blamed for everything (Acorn, the housing crisis, voter fraud- hell, the day after Prop 8 failed people rushed to blame black people), they are treated to a clear double standard in Congress (Charlie Rangel humiliated for what the panel concluded were small mistakes and not designed to benefit him while DeLay is a felon and no one blinks, Vitter and Ensign and hundreds of others go unpunished. And now they are after Waters. There is a reason the CBC wants to get rid of the ethics panel.), they’re watching their party elites savage the first black President when they have been the backbone for the Democrats for decades, and they are watching a President be submitted to racist smear campaigns by folks outside the party that make any and all of the bullshit the Clintons went through look like small potatoes, and NO ONE is raising any hell in defense of the President. It’s all go along to get along. The only congressman who called the Republicans out was defeated. The rest just sit there and whisper behind the scenes about how Obama won’t tell them what he wants. All of this while the AA community is the hardest hit by recession.

Whether I look to my left or my right I see nothing but white people acting like this country didn't have any damn problems until there was a nigger in the White House. I have had it and every black person I know has had it. We are getting increasingly into a "Goddamn America" kind of mood. You want the nigger out of the White House fine, but don't expect us to help you replace him with your new, and no doubt white progressive hero.

It's been a real eye-opener for this 30-year old black female. The kind my parents warned me about not long after Obama got elected. Nothing like having a black man to blame for everything is it?

Go fuck yourselves and good luck, getting a new president without us.

P.S. That last line is my answer to anybody who disagrees and wants to call me an Obot, sell-out, or not a "real" progressive, tell me I don't speak for all blacks, etc.

*UPDATE* This is my LAST diary. You think I care about being hr'd or banned? LOL! Not that I'm surprised by your responses. So many people respond to black anger and concern with dismissal. I really didn't expect anything else. Which is why I'm done here and will be giving white progressives the same side-eye I give to white conservatives. If you think I don't speak for a strong sentiment in the black community, you know less about us then you think. So what if there are two or three black poster saying the opposite? There are two or three black teabaggers that got elected to Congress too. Not exactly a broad trend. But go ahead and tell yourselves that Icebergslim is more representative of black frustration than I am. Again, good luck with all that. I'm fairly confident of where my community stands and who they will stand with.

Originally posted to TexasMango on Tue Dec 07, 2010 at 03:18 PM PST.

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