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And, what a great transition to SPARK! ;D We continue here with the Animal Conspiracy Theory that ended last night's show. Scientists have used their scientific brains to determine the best hamburger. My fair state has none of the best & plenty of the worst; I'll file that tidbit under "No $hit, Sherlock!"


I thought Levi Johnston just barely escaped having to encounter THIS in his life! Finally, an "AAAaaaWWWww!" from the Animal Kingdom...1 that's not trying to kill us - yet. ;D

Let's Countdown!

Keith, I must beg to differ with your introductory remarks regarding Lonesome Rhodes departure from FAUX News; I WANT the door to hit him where the good Lord split him!


"Slash and Burn" AKA "Debt Saboteurs" - Keith began to mention a count down toward the debt ceiling stuff to go from craptacular to $hitacular. Again Keith, I beg to differ with your claim that no one had mentioned or dared to whisper what Senator Chuck Schumer said out loud today; I've been saying that for at least a couple years now. So, I'll say it again. The GOBP wants nothing more than to personally & politically embarrass this President. If they take the country down the terlet in the process, they will take the country down in the process. COUNTRY FIRST MY A$$!


Mitchie McConnell repeated the tax hike memo on the Senate floor; he apparently feels dissed by President Obama because he's not met "with Senate Republicans" directly. Uh, I believe Mitchie slithered into the Oval Office at least a couple of times! Little Timmy Geithner was signaling an intent to exit stage right but has backed off a bit from that. Well, I wouldn't be shedding too many tears at his exit. Senator Schumer's in studio! The GOBP suddenly doesn't want a payroll tax for employers, and the GOBP didn't show up for a meeting they'd been #itching about wanting. Man, they aren't nearly as wise as President Obama's 2 daughters!


You can deduct yachts if there's a bed & a $hitter?! Well, I better get me a yacht! ;D Senator Schumer's not ready to get on the 14th Amendment argument bandwagon on this mess. He also doesn't think cuts to Medicare are on the table; I'm sorry, but I don't believe him. Those Senators are just like a sewing circle; they cover their own & each other's sorry hides.


Our Great Orange Satanic leader's back! :D Thank you, Markos, for backing up my brilliance {diving under futon}! ;D He believes what Senator Schumer said about Medicare & Medicaid cuts being off the table; again, I wish I did. Senator Pat Roberts wants President Obama to take a valium? O...K... And, there's our vapors & fainting couch stuff again; I did that! Well, I may have dropped him an idea or 2. ;D


"No Joke" - I wondered above what Keith would have to say about this morning's events over at his former employer's place; I guess I get my answer! ;D Mika was a little embarrassed, and Mourning Joe had a little too much fun with it, I think! Marky Mark did apologize, but he's out. Time should fire him, too. Mourning Joe should get some punishment, too! Alex Pareene gets "word that sounds like 'sick'" duty tonight. Marky Mark's been in trouble with language in the past.

"Time Marches On!" - There are 4 - legged chickens in the Holy Land. I sure as $hit don't think it's kosher! A Brit went back to the store he robbed & got beat up by an old lady & bit in "his gentleman's area" by said old lady's dog. Penguins are not working & playing well with each other on a block of ice!

"None of the Above" AKA "Lack of Options" - The "regular" GOBP in this country to the tune of 67% don't like ANY of the candidates in their corner for 2012. Mittens & Bat$hit are tied at 7% approval. Christina Bellatoni gets "Nona D. Above" duty! :D


I will agree with Ms. Bellatoni that poll numbers are awfully damn early on this score. Core GOBP are not crazy about HCR, the stimulus, the economy, etc. Well, if President Obama said breathing was good, the GOBP would hold their breath until they passed out so {insert Bronx raspberry here}. Ms. Ballatoni thinks someone else will come in (not $aint $arah from Wasilla) to spark up the GOBP.

"WPITW" - Some LA city council dude pulled a Weiner, but the LA dude ain't going anywhere because he's a GOBP. Lou Dobbs is talking immigrants again. Lou apparently wanted Lonesome Rhodes' job; he didn't get it. ;D Lonesome Rhodes made a "Mind of we dance whiff yo dates" - esque remark about President Obama on his last day; thanks for leaving classy!

"The Beckoning" AKA "Fade to Blackboard" - Lonesome Rhodes is pulling a Howard Stern in his exit from FAUX News. We get a Lonesome Rhodes best of the worst...or worst of the best - yea (?)! So, how many of you have seen A Face in the Crowd? ;D How many of you will watch A Face in the Crowd now? ;D ;D

Originally posted to CityLightsLover on Thu Jun 30, 2011 at 06:02 PM PDT.

Also republished by ClassWarfare Newsletter: WallStreet VS Working Class Global Occupy movement, Friends of Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow, and Electronic America: Progressives Film, music & Arts Group.

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