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Hello America.  Let me ask you a simple question.

What's wrong with me?

I'm under 40.  I'm a hard worker.  I have plenty of experience in my chosen career field.  I am, quite frankly, damned good at what I do and have been doing it for nearly 15 years.  I have an impressive resume.  Maybe not 'wow, when does the Nobel committee call you?' impressive, but impressive enough.  References that will verify that I'm a hard worker and very good at what I do.  I'm personable, polite, and lacking facial tattoos or piercings.  I have a broad skillset in a field that's supposedly still in demand.

So frankly, what the fuck, people?

I apply for everything I can find that I'm even remotely qualified for.  I've applied at jobs I'm frankly horribly overqualified for.  Occasionally someone even contacts me back.  Somewhat more occasionally I even get an interview out of this contact.  I show up, shirt and tie.... and impress your interviewer.  Visibly.  I answer the questions you want answered and I seem to be giving the answers you want to hear.  Then comes the waiting.  Eventually I accept that I didn't get the job.

This has been going on for almost two years now.

I'm tired, people.

I'm tired of being rejected over and over again.

I'm tired of being rejected and not even actually hearing that I was rejected.

I'm tired of stress.

I'm tired of constantly being broke.

I'm tired of depression.

I'm tired of elected officials telling me I'm just lazy.

I'm tired of unhelpful 'suggestions' from well-meaning people that are beyond my means.

I'm tired of putting off bills.

I'm tired of just barely getting by, and tired of even that being 'arguably.'

I'm tired of not knowing when, or if, I'll ever be able to start over.

I'm tired of not being able to go to a doctor or dentist.

I'm tired of choosing between food and rent.

I'm tired of watching people who have a clear, demonstrated solution to the problems we're facing today do everything in their power to avoid using that solution.

And frankly, I'm just fucking exhausted.

I've been unemployed almost two years now and I want my goddamn life back.

Is this really so unreasonable?  Seriously?  

Is it really so unreasonable for me to expect to have the job that society demands that I have in order to support myself?

Is it really so unreasonable for me to want to be able to pay my bills?

Is it really so unreasonable for me to want to eat real food and have that happen somewhat regularly?

Is it really so unreasonable for me to want to have some sort of social life?

Is it really so unreasonable for me to want to be able to keep a roof over my head?

Really?  Seriously?

If so, than what would be reasonable?  What works for you?

<<- UPDATE ->>

Wow.  Top of the rec list.  I'm stunned.  Also I'm gratified and kinda humbled by the outpouring of support and offers of help.  Thank you all.


Are you tired?

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