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This past week, I got to pamphlet a Chase and a BofA with a home made flyer.

It pissed off the bankers so much, that they called the police, resulting in this diary:

Today, CNN Money is doing a headline story on the Bank Transfer Day or Move Your Money day.

What could possibly piss the bankers off even more? Oh, I don't know, how about CNN quoting the strongest message from my flyer, a whole paragraph in their headline story

CNN Money - Headline Story

"They take your deposits and use them to buy politicians to de-regulate, give them immunity, interest-free loans and bailouts. Then they turn around and charge you fees to make them even richer," said one "Move Your Money" flyer posted on a Facebook page dedicated to the initiative (which has 43,679 "likes"). "Take your money to a credit union or a community bank that will use your money in your community and not to pervert the rule of law and fill their own pockets."

This is Daily Kos in action, feeding lines to the media with the support of this massive and awesome community, and several tens of thousands on Facebook.

I am so delighted they picked the part of the flyer that includes the strongest condemnation of the banks, not just about fees, but the fundamental corruption of capitalism and our political system.

I am thrilled, just thrilled tonight.

I hope BofABoss from my local branch wakes up tomorrow and opens CNN with his morning coffee - squirting coffee through his nose and all over his laptop.

Im doing more pamphleting and organizing groups, see the mothership diary and volunteer to help!

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