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Update: The most recent list diary is here. Please post comments and updates in the new diary. Thanks!

Well, folks, the gift subscription list has grown quite a bit since Onomastic's first gift subscription story and even since my first list diary. Today, we're going to continue this effort with another small donor diary.

Yesterday, Diana in NoVA requested that we post a diary emphasizing that we're still accepting small donations. Now, no one should feel pressured or guilty--that's not what this is about at all. Some folks, however, are still looking for ways to pay forward their own gift subscriptions, and pooling small donations is one way to do that.

You can donate smaller amounts through the Small Donor Drive. The donations collected through this drive will be pooled to purchase lifetime subscriptions for those on the list. So far 21 Kossacks have been gifted with a lifetime subscription through this method. You can make a small donation by going to and selecting the 'send money' option on the left. Type in as the destination. You will receive an e-mail notification that your donation was completed. When the lifetime subscription drive ends an anonymous donor has offered to pony up the remaining amount necessary to purchase one last subscription.  

Today, we're introducing a new twist: a pledge thread. eeff came up with this idea yesterday, and we're going to try to make it work today. So please feel free to begin a pledge thread for an individual on the list, and we'll see how many folks can help to cross a few more names off of the list.

Here, I'd like to quote Bugsby, who captured how so many of us feel quite beautifully:

I want to say to those who are still waiting, please don't feel that we care less about you.  I've donated as much as I can, but I'm still hanging around because I'm rooting for you and I keep checking back, reading the list, hoping to see "gifted" after your name.  

So please, while you wait, know that your name there in orange evokes the heart-felt good wishes of everyone here.  We may be tapped out but we haven't left, we're still with you.  

Check it out, we're up there in the gallery, cheering you on with cowbells and vuvuzelas.  The guy over there in the Red Sox t-shirt , that's me  :0)

Now, the continuing list of members who could benefit from receiving a lifetime subscription, which costs $100, before the end of this year:


Alma - now a lifer!
angrybird - now a lifer!
Brown Thrasher - now a lifer!
Bud Fields Tech issue : go to gift another person then change out the name in the giftee box
Cassiodorus - now a lifer!
cv lurking gf - now a lifer!
don mikulecky
Els - now a lifer!
joe pittsburgh
JTinDC - now a lifer!
KoNKo - now a lifer!
mama jo
Man Eegee
ms scarlett leadpipe
Pithy Cherub
sagesource - now a lifer!
tdub901 - now a lifer!
The BigotBasher
truong son traveler
Villanova Rhodes
Xavier Onassis EMTP

Here's the amazing list of many who have received gift subscriptions:


2thanks ▪ 3goldens ▪ a gilas girl ▪ A Siegel ▪ aaraujo ▪ Abe Frohman ▪ Abra Crabcakeya ▪ Actbriniel ▪ Agathena ▪ Ahiannie ▪ Aji ▪ Alexandra Lynch ▪ Alfonso Nevarez ▪ allergywoman ▪ Alma ▪ Amor Y Risa ▪ angelajean ▪ angrybird ▪ anotherdemocrat ▪ Anton Bursch ▪ AoT ▪ arizonablue ▪ Armando ▪ asterkitty ▪ Auntie Neo Kwan ▪ Avenging Angel ▪

beach babe in fl ▪ begone ▪ BentLiberal ▪ betson08 ▪ bevomav ▪ BigAlinWashSt ▪ bigjacbigjacbigjac ▪ bigrivergal ▪ bink ▪ Bionic ▪ blue aadvark ▪ blueness ▪ blue jersey mom ▪ bkamr ▪ blueoregon ▪ boatsie ▪ Bob Johnson ▪ Bob Love ▪ Bob Sloan ▪ BOHICA ▪ boran2 ▪ Brit ▪ Brooke in Seattle ▪ Brown Thrasher ▪ Brubs ▪ BruinKid ▪ buddabelly ▪ bumblebums ▪ Burned ▪ bvljac ▪

cacamp ▪ CalNM ▪ CanyonWren ▪ carolanne ▪ Carolita ▪ Cassiodorus ▪ catilinus ▪ CayceP ▪ cfk ▪ Chacounne ▪ Charles CurtisStanley ▪ Charlotte Lucas ▪ chaunceydevega ▪ ChemBob ▪ chicago minx ▪ Christian Dem in NC ▪ chmood ▪ CityLightsLover ▪ Clytemnestra ▪ CodeTalker ▪ Colorado is the Shiznit ▪ commonmass ▪ cosmic debris ▪ cskendrick ▪ CuriousBoston ▪ cv lurking gf ▪

D Wreck ▪ dakinishir ▪ DaNang65 ▪ Dave in Northridge ▪ Davidsfr ▪ DavidW ▪ DawnN ▪ dclawyer06 ▪ Debbie in ME ▪ Debby ▪ Debs2 ▪ Deep Harm ▪ Democrats Ramshield ▪ denig ▪ desertguy ▪ Digby ▪ Diogenes2008 ▪ dirkster42 ▪ dopper0189 ▪ Dreaming of Better Days ▪ Dr Erich Bloodaxe RN ▪ DrLori ▪ DruidQueen ▪ DSC on the Plateau ▪ dsteffan ▪ DWG ▪

earicicle ▪ Ebby ▪ Eddie C ▪ Ed in Montana ▪ edrie ▪ edwardssl ▪ eej ▪ Eileen B ▪ ekyprogressive ▪ Ellid ▪ Ellinorianne ▪ Els ▪ emeraldmaiden ▪ ericlewis0 ▪ edwardss1 ▪ escapee ▪ exlrrp ▪ farmerchuck ▪ FarWestGirl ▪ ferment ▪ figbash ▪ FindingMyVoice ▪ FishOutofWater ▪ flumptytail ▪ FogCityJohn ▪ Frederick Clarkson ▪ FrugalGranny ▪

Gary Norton ▪ gchaucer2 ▪ Geenius at Wrok ▪ GenXangster ▪ ginmar ▪ gizmo59 ▪ gjohnsits ▪ glbTVET ▪ glendaw271 ▪ glorificus ▪ Gooserock ▪ Got a Grip ▪ gramofsaml ▪ GreyHawk ▪ grog ▪ Groucho Marxist ▪ GrumpyOldGeek ▪ gulfgal98 ▪ Haole in Hawaii ▪ hayden ▪ HCKAD ▪ high uintas ▪ holerock ▪ homogenius ▪ Hoosier Deb ▪ Horace Boothroyd III ▪ horsefeathers ▪ HoundDog ▪

icebergslim ▪ ilyana ▪ inclusiveheart ▪ indiemcemopants ▪ Its the Supreme Court Stupid ▪ James Allen ▪ JaciCee ▪ jayden ▪ JekyllnHyde ▪ jennifer poole ▪ JesseCW ▪ jessical ▪ jimstaro ▪ jlms qkw ▪ JML9999 ▪ Joes Steven ▪ JoanMar ▪ Joieau ▪ JTinDC ▪ Julie Gulden ▪ jwinIL14 ▪

KAMuston ▪ Karl Rover ▪ kat68 ▪ kayakbiker ▪ KCBearcat ▪ kefauver ▪ Keith930 ▪ KelleyRN2 ▪ KenBee ▪ KibbutzAmiad ▪ Kid Oakland ▪ Killer of Sacred Cows ▪ kimoconnor ▪ kirbybruno ▪ Kitty ▪ kjoftherock ▪ klompendanser ▪ Knucklehead ▪ KoNKo ▪ kovie ▪ KVoimakas ▪ kyril ▪

labwitchy ▪ Lady Libertine ▪ ladypockt ▪ Ladywithafan ▪ LaEscapee ▪ Lainie ▪ Lamont Cranston ▪ LaughingPlanet ▪ Leftcandid ▪ LeftofArizona ▪ Lefty Coaster ▪ Leftynyc ▪ Lensy ▪ Liberal Granny ▪ Lightbulb ▪ Limelite ▪ llbear ▪ loggersbrat ▪ Lorinda Pike ▪ Louisiana 1976 ▪ luckylizard ▪ Lupin ▪

Magnifico ▪ mahakali overdrive ▪ makettle ▪ MA Liberal ▪ mallyroyal ▪ mapamp ▪ marigold ▪ Mark Fiore ▪ matching mole ▪ Mathok ▪ Matt Z ▪ maybeeso in michigan ▪ mayrose ▪ mcmom ▪ mdmslle ▪ M E C ▪ Melissa J ▪ melo ▪ Merry Light ▪ michelewln ▪ mikidee ▪ millwx ▪ MinistryOfTruth ▪ Miss Blue ▪ Missys Brother ▪ mjbleo ▪ MKSinSA ▪ Mnemosyme ▪ mommyof3 ▪ Moody Loner ▪ Mortifyd ▪ Mother Mags ▪ mrsgoo ▪ Ms badger ▪ MsGrin ▪ MsSpentyouth ▪ MTmofo ▪

Nanette K ▪ navajo ▪ Nchristine ▪ Neon Vincent ▪ noddy ▪ nonnie9999 ▪ NonnyO ▪ Noor B ▪ NormAl1792 ▪ notdarkyet ▪ noweasels ▪ Nova Land ▪ Nulwee ▪ nyceve ▪ observerinvancouver ▪ occams hatchet ▪ One Pissed Off Liberal ▪ Otteray Scribe ▪ Ozark Homesteader ▪ Pakalolo ▪ Pam from Calif ▪ parryander ▪ Patric Juillet ▪ peacearena ▪ peagreen ▪ people power granny ▪ peraspera ▪ peregrine kate ▪ Phil S 33 ▪ pico ▪ pittie70 ▪ poligirl ▪ priceman ▪ progdog ▪ Proud Mom and Grandma ▪ psfinla ▪ psychodrew ▪

quarkstomper ▪ racheltracks ▪ radical simplicity ▪ raina ▪ ramara ▪ Radical def ▪ Ray Radlein ▪ randallt ▪ rb137 ▪ rebel ga ▪ Regina in a Sears Kit House ▪ remembrance ▪ renzo capetti ▪ revsue ▪ rexymeteorite ▪ Rich in PA ▪ Richard Cranium ▪ Rick B ▪ ridemybike ▪ Rimjob ▪ RLMiller ▪ roseeriter ▪ rserven ▪ rsmpdx ▪ rubyr ▪ ruleoflaw ▪

Safina ▪ sagesource ▪ Sara R ▪ Scott Wooledge ▪ ScottyUrb ▪ scribe ▪ sdf ▪ Seattle Mark ▪ Seneca Doane ▪ SensibleShoes ▪ shesaid ▪ Siri ▪ SisTwo ▪ Sixty Something ▪ slinkerwink ▪ slksfca ▪ snoopydawg ▪ Something the Dog Said ▪ Soonergrunt ▪ Spirit of Life ▪ Sprinkles ▪ sricki ▪ srkp23 ▪ state of confusion ▪ Statusquomustgo ▪ StateofEuphoria ▪ Steven D ▪ Susan G in MN ▪ swampyankee ▪ SwedishJewfish ▪ Syoho ▪

tdub901 ▪ teacherken ▪ teej ▪ terrypinder ▪ TexH ▪ TexMex ▪ theatre goon ▪ The Book Bear ▪ TheFatLadySings ▪ theRoaringGirl ▪ the mom in the middle ▪ The Troubadour ▪ timewarp ▪ TomorrowsProgressives ▪ Tonyahky ▪ Tool ▪ Translator ▪ triciawyse ▪ triv33 ▪ Trix ▪ twigg ▪ TX Scotia ▪ ulookarmless ▪ UnaSpenser ▪ Unitary Moonbat ▪ unspeakable ▪ ursoklevar ▪ UU VIEW ▪

vacantlook ▪ vcmvo2 ▪ VeloVixen ▪ Vetwife ▪ victoria2dc ▪ voracious ▪ watercarrier4diogenes ▪ water willow ▪ wayoutinthestix ▪ weatherdude ▪ webranding ▪ welso ▪ Wendys Wink ▪ whatGodmade ▪ Wide Awake in KY ▪ wide eyed lib ▪ winglion ▪ Winter Rabbit ▪ WisePiper ▪ woodtick ▪ Wu Ming ▪ wxorknot ▪ yella dawg ▪ Youffraita ▪ zaka1 ▪ zenbassoon ▪ ZenTrainer ▪ Zoskie ▪ Zwoof ▪

Please remember what Susan from 29 so clearly explained regarding the sentiment behind these diaries:
We only have the one community and you are a member.
Finally, a heartfelt thanks to the generous Kossacks who have been celebrating this love-fest since Saturday, December 10th!

12:42 PM PT: Update: The total for gifted lifetime subscriptions on the list is now 405.

6:12 PM PT: Update: Here are quick links to pledge threads for akmk, Alma, Drewid, Petulans, Rogneid, sarahnity, tdub901, and Xavier Onassis EMTP. Donors are still welcome, of course, to donate amounts under $100 to the pool or to give a lifetime subscription to anyone you choose.

The deadline for purchasing a lifetime subscription is December 31, 2011.

7:46 PM PT: Update: First pledge thread gift subscription is now pending for Alma!

Thu Dec 29, 2011 at 12:17 AM PT: Update: The total for gifted lifetime subscriptions on the list is now 414! Alma's gift sub is pending.

Originally posted to nomandates on Wed Dec 28, 2011 at 08:40 AM PST.

Also republished by Barriers and Bridges and ClassWarfare Newsletter: WallStreet VS Working Class Global Occupy movement.

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