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Dear Anonymous, meet Erick Erickson. Now do your worst.

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Erickson:      "Here is a story to make you laugh for the day, an Occupy DC protester, believe it or not these people are still occupying places. McPherson square near the White House, an Occupy DC protester was shocked by stun gun yesterday afternoon at McPherson Square . . "


   "They arrested him. They took him to the hospital because of a medical condition. He was charged with disturbing the peace. Now I would play the video for you because it was caught on film, it's hilarious, I mean you should just watch this video, if you go to you can watch it, I won't play it on the radio because the number of F-bombs the guy just starts yelling as they're tazing him . . hahahah . . ahh, but watching that hippy protester get tazed just made my day,, you can watch it for yourself, it is just made of awesome."

Erick Erickson is a blogger for, which is not to be confused Red State, which is an outstanding movie about a bunch of violent bigoted homophobic jesus freaks who live in a fantasy land of their own creation and suffer from the gum disease known as "gingivitis". For some unexplainable reason, Erickson is also a paid commentator on CNN.

Eric Erickson gleefully illustrated yesterday that the only thing that truly makes conservatives happy is watching someone else suffer. Since Conservative policies are causing 99% of us to suffer, they have a lot to be happy about these days.

Dear CNN, do you find police brutality in America "Hilarious"?

If you don't, why would you employ Erick Erickson?

Erick Erickson, while describing police brutality against what he deems "hippies" got more aroused than he has been since that noble lord kidnapped a peasant girl on her wedding day in the first 10 minutes of Braveheart.

I'm pretty sure Jesus was clear about where he stood on making people suffer.

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Dear Erick Erickson, remember that time Jon Stewart made fun of you when you said Linda Douglas was like Josef Goebbels. Jon Stewart destroyed you for being a massive douche. Jon Stewart likes me. After you got hired at CNN, Jon Stewart said CNN's new slogan should be "CNN, we have no idea what the fuck we are doing."

But I know what you are doing.

You are cheering the suffering of others. Last I checked, that makes Sweet Baby Jesus cry.

This is why Republicans, despite their blather, totally suck at upholding the constitution and protecting Americans, they are too busy undermining the government so special interests can exploit Americans, but ooh, look, I have a flag lapel pin! Shiny!

Imagine if I went on MSNBC and said something truly horrible, something totally indefensible, maybe something about enjoying the suffering of my fellow countrymen. I don't think they would ever invite me on again. Well at CNN they give you a paycheck for that. And at Fox News they run you for President.

The thing I take away from watching GOP debates is that the only thing conservatives can cheer for in America anymore is for the things that conservatives like, and a boot stamping on the face of the people they hate. A banker stamping on your fingers as you try to climb the economic ladder, that's the modern conservative movement.

Republicans cheer the death penalty. They cheer for torture. That creeps me out. Now it is getting obvious that Republicans don't just cheer cruelty, they get off on it.

So here's a New Rule: If your first reaction to any human suffering is to cheer, you don't get to complain about Hitler ever again.

His twitter handle is @ewerickson. Dear Anonymous, do your worst.

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You can follow me on twitter @JesseLaGreca

Originally posted to MinistryOfTruth on Wed Feb 01, 2012 at 11:45 AM PST.

Also republished by Occupy Wall Street.

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