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If ignorance is bliss, why are Republicans always angry?

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Sarah Palin? Genius.

At this point, you literally have to be a fraking idiot to vote Republican.

Some people have gotten mad at me for calling Republicans a pack of idiotic slack jawed yokels and mendacious, cruel know nothings who suffer from the gum disease known as "GINGIVITIS".

Well, now that Republican Presidential candidate Rick Santorum is bad mouthing people who seek education, I get to call Republicans total idiots as often as I like. When you celebrate ignorance and boo education you don't get to cry when I call you a moron.

The banksters WANT more stupid people. Easy to fleece imbeciles who consistently vote to screw themselves over so a billionaire can have another tax cut. Morons. Republicans.

And these morons think that seeking educations makes you a snob, but watching Fox News and nothing else all day makes you a genius. Rick Santorum thinks that President Obama wants to "remake people in his own image" through access to higher education. Well if wanting to be smart and successful like President Obama is a crime, consider me guilty.

And consider yourself dismissed for being a fraking idiotic jackhole.

More below the fold . . .

Can you do basic math? You elitist!

Can you tie your own shoelaces? What a snob!

You want to get educated without Fox News providing ALL your information? What are you, a commie?

Are you a slobbering nincompoop who watches TV all day and hasn't read anything since the last time you had a bowl of alphabet soup? Are you a hateful, cruel jackass who consistently votes to allow health insurers, oil companies and banksters screw you over? Well there is a party for you!

Yes, Republicans hate education and educated people. They celebrate their own ignorance. The Know-Nothing Party hates people who know things. Mindless idiots who can't count, can't think critically and don't know basic history, a pack of drooling, somnambulist nitwits who know jack shit, these are your Republican voters, a pack of knuckle-dragging, mouth breathing troglodytes who think that Barack Obama isn't as smart as George W. Bush.

And these are the idiots who think that smart people are snobs, what with their book learning and fancy words.

This exposes just how low the GOP is willing to go to pander to the lowest common denominator among the bible thumping, misinformed meatbags who are motivated only by hate, misinformation and discrimination. It also exposes just how little the theocrats on the right who support Santorum understand about the economy. People who attain higher education get paid better and need less government assistance. Being against public education and education in general means that MORE people will need government assistance, just like being anti-abortion AND anti-contraception at the same time means that more people who can't get access to contraception will have unplanned pregnancies that lead to more abortions. By being against EVERYTHING Republicans are only making themselves more miserable. At least we have that to be thankful for.

But I will leave you with these words by that literate snob Robert Reich . . .

   A party of birthers, creationists, theocrats, climate-change deniers, nativists, gay-bashers, anti-abortionists, media paranoids, anti-intellectuals, and out-of-touch country clubbers cannot govern America.
  Govern America? HA! At this point, I'd be amazed if these illiterate conservative neck-beards could govern a trip through the drive through window at McDonald's.

But the fact that Republicans are openly arguing for a dumber America doesn't surprise me, because without complacent, low information voters who don't know their asses from their elbows the GOP could never get elected in the first place.

Rant off . . .

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