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For those that did not know Commonmass experienced an event presumed to be a stroke this last week. He drove himself to the hospital and was diagnosed. He has been given medication and a prescription for intake changes.

According to his brother fellow Kossack TheIsleOfMan he has been resting all day and is a bit cranky, which is to be expected due not only his medical stress but having to deal with outside issues the medical issues have placed him in. His father is staying with him and monitoring his care.

SaraR has asked to do a fundraiser for Commonmass but it may now be possible for Commonmass to receive state based insurance due to this new diagnosis. We will wait until we know more before we take that step.

I thank all of you for your concern and words of support.

Humor Diary Filler:

Photo of Commonmass' Brother:


Thanks to LoreleiHI for her support at this time as well.

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