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In 2008 RESPONDELE A OBAMA became an enthusiastic battle cry for Latin GOTV and beyond with a viral video and a song. You might remember the chorus "Even my Republican Mama is gonna cast a vote for OBAMA"
Well, sorry Mitt, but we have just finished and released the sequel!!!!!

¡PA' LANTE MI GENTE! song and video is urgent call to vote for the FORWARD choice on NOV 6. The lyrics are enthusiastically progressive and direct. Sung in Spanish, the song features an array of amazing indie artists from both coasts including middle eastern and flamenco singing by the west coast based Nuriya La Tanita (Hebrew heritage of Iraqui/Syrian parents), backing vocals by Cuban singer Roberto Poveda, trumpet by Steve Gluzband (Boston), additional drums by Chris Stromquist(Seattle), and myself, Jose Conde (Cuban American Brooklyn based) I wrote the song,  recorded, mixed, and mastered in the first two weeks of October 2012 in my home studio in Brooklyn, New York.  The grass roots music video was shot in Harlem and edited by Emmy award winner Nicole Betancourt who is also the directer of PARENT EARTH and who also shot the previous Respondele in 2008.
FYI You can scroll down for the translation

Here is the video titled ¡PA' LANTE!with Obama. Please folks, spread this far and wide!

The election is coming down to Get Out The Vote folks!  
Enthusiasm is key! Good music builds lots of that!!!! :)

Download the song and pump it in your car, in your house or in a
 ¡PA' LANTE MI GENTE! by josecondemusic

The story of why I wrote the song + lyrics and credits below the pastelito...


Music is my power and I had something to say,  so i took the challenge.....

The song came together quick. I wrote it the first week of October.  It is a positive lyric that runs with the Democratic slogan en Español;

Why did I write this song?

I felt an urgency to do my part. In 2008 I felt I witnessed clearly how a tsunami of enthusiasm and confidence for a forward choice, coupled with 8 years of  frustration with the alternative regressive GOP choice, elected one of the most promising souls of our time. And then I witnessed the wall that came up to block his entire agenda and his entire being.  From the filibusters in the party of no to Orly's birthers Barack Obama has faced  a massive in your face effort to distort and destroy his presidency. And despite all that adversity and muck he has moved us profoundly forward on so many issues and levels.  His mere presence in the White House puts me at ease. While I do have some gripes with Barack he is very much the brilliant leader I voted for and now in 2012 I am voting not primarily because of that admiration for him,  but because after delivering on much of what he promised and making me proud to be an American again, he has earned my confidence and my vote for another four years on the job!  And he has also made me enthusiastic and inspired.  I want to share that with you and the world, for free. Spread the love, enjoy!  ¡PA' LANTE MI GENTE!

PA LANTE Written, Produced, Recorded by Jose Conde - PIPIKI RECORDS

Special Guest Vocal Nuriya la Tanita  
Roberto Poveda – Backing Vocals  
Steve Gluzband – Trumpet      
Chris Stromquist  - Snare Rolls

Lead Vocals and all instruments and drum programming by Jose Conde

Let’s speak the truth
Of what is imminent
The time has come to raise our voices
All my people

4 years ago
we elected and responded
We made history
With a positive feeling
Across the nation

And from the moment he started
He faced a massive crisis
A nation in free fall
With his hands he grabbed firmly,
Held on, turned it around
And began to lead

Forward my people
Don't turn back

And we continue forward
Little by little
Step by step
Slow and fast
Working, preventing, and confronting
problem after problem...

Made worse by the absurdities

They throw in our path

To distract and confuse

With the specific goal
Of setting us back
When we are advancing
And struggling to do
Much more… much much more

Forward my people
Don't turn back

Right now what’s most needed
Is a long-term vision
Taking positive action
That will lead us forward

Who sees
Beyond the economic situation
Who sees
Beyond the fence of immigration
Who sees
People working in the nation
Who sees
Protecting women’s reproductive rights

who sees
 renewable energy in every corner
who sees
an environment preserved in every season
who sees
And supports all matrimonial unions
Of every gender any sexual combination
And who sees
with eyes of peace

Forward my people
Don't turn back

And if you want
To save the Earth
Start planting trees and seeds
So our world will not overheat

But now it is necessary
For everyone to show up
For this election that is coming
Because it's clear that one will take us backward
And the other will take us

Forward my people

Pa Lante – Jose Conde

Pa Lante Mi Gente
Nunca Viren para tras

Vamos hablar verdades…..
De lo que esta pendiente
Porque llego el momento
De alzar la voz con un voto
Toda mi gente                                        

Hace cuatro años atras
elegimos y respondimos
hicimos historia
con positiva emocion
En toda la nacion

Y desde el momento que comenzo
Una crisis masiva el enfrento
Una nacion en libre caida (double spoken)                                                                                                  
En sus manos el agarro,
aguanto, viro, y comenzo
a llevar…. (y esa es la clara verdad!)

Pa Lante… mi Gente… nunca viren para tras

(Y seguimos adelante)
Poquito a poquito
paso a paso
despacio y rapidito
esquivando y enfrentando
problemas tras problemas

aumentados por cosas tan absurdas y falsa
que tiran en el camino
para distraer
y confundir

con la propuesta meta
de sumbar nos para atras
cuando estamos avancando
y luchando para hacer
mucho mucho mas….
Y seguimos adelante

Pa Lante… mi Gente… nunca viren para tras

En este momento lo que mas hace falta
es una larga vision
Con energia positiva en accion
Que nos lleva adelante

Y Que ve
Mas alla de la economica situacion
Que ve
Mas alla de una cerca de migracion
Que ve
Casi todos empleados la nacion
Que ve
Los asuntos de las mujeres intocables
Que ve
Energia renovable en cada rincon
Que ve
Un medio ambiente preservado en cada estacion
Que ve
Y que apolla toda matrimonial union
de cualquier sexo en combinacion

Y Que Ve
Con ojos de la paz…

Pa Lante Mi Gente Nunca Viren para tras

Y si tu quieres la tierra salvar
No tienes que esperar
Ponte a sembrar semillas de arboles
Pa que el mundo no se nos caliente

Pero ahora se necesita
A todos presente
Pa esta elecion vigente
Porque esta claro que uno nos lleva para tras
Y otro que nos lleva
Pa lante mi gente…

Four years ago it was Respondele a OBAMA. Now it is PA LANTE!


Good day!

Originally posted to abrelaboquita on Sun Oct 21, 2012 at 01:49 PM PDT.

Also republished by LatinoKos.

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