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Dear Friends,

I'm running against Allen West.  

With about a week to go, the latest polls show it a dead heat. One poll last week showed us a point down, another showed us tied, and yesterday, a third showed me with a one point lead.  No matter what, this is going to come down to election day.

Meanwhile, Sheldon Adelson just bailed out West with a $1,000,000 infusion of Super Pac cash in the final week.  We are going to be way outspent (not that that's new) on air, online, and in the mailboxes.  
.Goal Thermometer
Can you help (or help again)?  Our last TV ads are being booked this week and I'd like to increase their budget, as well as up our pre-roll and banner ad advertising online.

Contribute Here Via Act Blue.

I'm running because it is impossible to work together to solve the problems with this country if you demonize and constantly insult the people you have to work with.  I believe, instead, in developing good working relations with even those I disagree with, so we can have the kinds of conversations that are necessary to getting truly substantial changes passed

I'm running because the values so common and critical to the health of this district - from protecting Medicare and Social Security, to protecting the environment, civil liberties, and a woman's right to choose - are directly threatened by Allen West's votes. Bold and outspoken as he may be, West's votes directly threaten our rights, our jobs, our fiscal health, and our quality of life.

I'm running because I believe we need representation that fights to protect businesses AND the middle class.  Who knows that the plight of the poor and low income workers isn't going to be solved by protecting off-shore corporate tax shelters and the extremely wealthy.

Republicans and Democrats will, naturally, not agree on everything - but how we treat each other during these disagreements and debates will affect the chances of agreement on the next subject. When you call your collegues "vile," "Communists," ...   When you tell them they're "a threat to the gene pool" and they should "get the hell out of the United States"... you poison the environment necessary for progress.

It's time to change the culture in Washington. We don't have to agree on every point, but we should agree to work together.

Thank you for supporting my campaign.  Help me defeat Allen West.

If there is anything you can do to support our last push, please contribute here.

- Patrick Murphy

P.S. Please pass this along to your friends.  We still need to get the word out.

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