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Lying to people in order to suppress their right to vote.

Just moments ago the Romney campaign edited a training video from the web. has saved the original video, but here is the whole story . . .

   Earlier this week, ThinkProgress released internal documents from the Romney campaign detailing how it is training poll watchers to mislead voters in Wisconsin. Now, according to new documents, Wisconsin may not be the only state where Romney’s campaign is equipping volunteers with deceptive information.

     A new ThinkProgress investigation has found that in Iowa, Romney poll watchers are being trained to watch for voters who show up without a photo ID, even though no voter ID law exists in the state.

     In a training video for Romney poll watchers in Iowa, the narrator tells volunteers to be on the lookout for anytime “a voter fails to show a voter ID and they are still permitted to vote.” If that happens, he says, “alert the legal team so they can handle the problem.” The text of the campaign’s slide, however, says something contradictory, instructing volunteers when poll workers should check the voter’s ID. Despite the mixed messages, the slide ends with: “If an election worker is not checking photo ID, please call the legal hotline immediately.”

  Please read the full report at, they are providing some very valuable info as we approach the final days of this election. Short story is this; Iowa does NOT have a picture ID requirement to vote, Romney's campaign is LYING. Iowa voters can show "a current utility bill (including cell phone bill), bank statement, paycheck, or other government document." as suitable ID.

    A short rant below the fold . . .

  Frankly, this is disgusting. The Romney campaigns goal is two-fold, either discourage people from voting or, and much easier, waste a ton of time and make voting more difficult for everyone. Longer, slower moving lines. This is patently undemocratic. Obstructing the very function of democracy is unpatriotic and base. Trolling like this should be illegal and carry swift and severe penalties.

    America has two parties, one is the Democratic Party and the other is the Un-Democratic Party. Mitt Romney's campaign is showing it's true colors. Now that buying this election hasn't worked out the GOP is trying to lie their way into stealing it. Al Qaeda could never take away your right to vote. Yet the Romney campaign is banking on just that, stealing this election is now Romney's only path to victory. The fact is, the special interests and the power of a few evil billionaires is more dangerous to the fabric of our democracy than any one terrorist or terrorist group, and now you see the final personification of Mitt Romney, the final etch and sketch, a lying, manipulative 1%er who doesn't give a shit about democracy, a cruel plutocrat who can only win if he can lie, cheat or steal, basically the entire life of Mitt Romney is an example of why we need consumer protection laws, and at the height of his chances for the highest seat in office his campaign is lying to people in order to trick them into losing their right to participate in our democracy. I hope there is a special place in hell for this if there is a hell at all.

   Those are my thoughts. I'm angry. This is bullshit. This is an attack on the essence of our democracy, and it goes to the heart of Mitt Romney's campaign for the Presidency. He is a total shameless three faced liar, and democracy can not properly function in a vacuum of lies. Democracy is not what Karl Rove, Rupert Murdoch and The Koch Brothers are paying for. If people vote, the oligarchy loses. Let's just admit it, this is what the cruel, undemocratic party of voter suppression and big money looks like. Shame on our corporate media for not covering it and cheers to those who do. Democracy depends on whistle blowers and truth speakers, the opposite of democracy depends on lies.

   Romney's campaign is pure scum.

The floor is now yours.

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