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For well over a decade, my countrymen were told that I was the greatest threat to this country.  Then came 9/11.  After that, my countrymen were told that terrorists were the greatest threat to this country, but I wasn’t far behind, and bore watching.  For three hours a day, five days a week, this swill went out over the airwaves.  I didn’t think anything about it, because I knew, and any rational human being would know, that it’s nonsense.  But a lot of America seems to be buying it.  And now I take it personally.

When I was a teenager, my father, who would sooner not vote than vote for a Democrat, would argue into the night with our neighbor, who was a shop steward for the mason’s union at his paper plant, and a yellow dog Democrat.  And they would both have one hell of a time, and go their separate ways.  And remain good friends.  Those times are gone, and I place that directly at the feet of the “fair and balanced” propaganda machine on the right.

Do you really think that the greatest threat to this country is someone who thinks differently than Rush Limbaugh?  Or Ann Coulter, or Sean Hannity, or Breitbart, or Drudge?  Or differently than you?  If that’s really what you think, then defriend me now.  Take me off your Facebook, your Yardlimits, however we’re connected.  Read no farther, because this will offend you and your sensibilities.

Having said that, if you think I am un-American because I believe that my government should look out for the wellbeing of my fellow countryman, read your New Testament.  If you believe that I am un-American because I believe that a woman should have a say in what happens to her body at some point in her life, talk to your wife.  If you think that I am un-American because I believe that this country has a responsibility to act responsibly as the last remaining superpower, read some history.

I could discuss the details with you, but you’re not interested in details.  I could discuss the facts with you, but you’re not interested in facts.  I could discuss the emotions with you, and since all you seem to care about is the gut-level emotional response, I’ll do that; you’re a cretin.  You have chosen the emotional response of a bunch of un-American, anti-American traitorous pigs over a rational discussion of the issues.  You made your bed, lie in it.

And thank you to my wife, for convincing me to remove the profanity.

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