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Yes.  Please.  Full speed ahead.  

Tax breaks for the rich.  No "job killing" corporate responsibility or accountability.  Support the continued zero tax paying GE, Exxon Mobile, and others and make sure their tax payer subsidies continue.  Keep on talking about all that "legitimate" rape stuff, taking away contraception, the lack of need for equal pay, and your other plans to make sure women are second class citizens.

And keep on demonizing people that don't look like you or vote like you or obsess about taxes like you do.   Remind folks that you're all for building taller electrified fences because "freeeedum" and "the American Way" are in danger.  And continue reminding everyone that even adults who were brought to this country as children, have pledged allegiance to our flag, grew up and flourished in this country aren't "American" in your eyes so they should just be sent "home" to a country they don't even remember.

Make sure you loudly proclaim that you're opposed to making college affordable so many of our young people can't get a higher education or leave the university so loaded with debt that they'll be paying it off for decades.   And remind us how this won't be a problem for very long since you're also opposed to spending money for public schools and soon only those whose parents could afford private tuition will qualify for college anyway.

Remind us that you oppose regulations because they interfere with profits.  After all, what are a few hundred cases of E. Coli or Salmonella or toxins in our food compared with the need to pay all those job creators the high salaries necessary so they can create more jobs?  After all, we need to take "personal responsibility" for our choices anyway, so if we buy contaminated food, well, we should have just made a better choice.

And please keep fighting Obama Care because of "freedom".  Proclaim loudly that Liberals just have no sympathy for those poor insurance company executives or shareholders and fail to recognize that Emergency Rooms are still open for business.

Keep on demanding an even bigger military budget and make sure that nobody questions how wisely that money is spent because that would be "unpatriotic".  Our Flag would be offended and we'd look "weak", also, too.  It doesn't really matter that we outspend about 2 dozen other countries combined military spending because what we spend should always be much more.

And please, keep on opposing the minimum wage and unions because workers, as you know, have it so good in this country.  In fact, people in this country love working so much that many have 2 and even 3 jobs.

By all means, demand the end of Medicare (lazy old sick people who should take personal responsibility for their own health), Social Security (lazy old people who should have saved for their own retirement), Medicaid (lazy poor sick people), Food Stamps (lazy kids who will all have jobs when Child Labor Laws are repealed), and other things that government does.

Yes, keep it up.  More, please.  Think of more things to demonize and oppose.

The louder you get, the more commonsense things you oppose, and the more tangled and confusing the webs you weave, the more the majority in this country will run from you.  You're helping .... us.

As Liberals, we know that we succeed when our collective brothers and sisters succeed.  When they get good paying jobs and pay more taxes, it helps our communities, our states, and our nation.  When we have good schools and affordable opportunities for higher education or trade schools, our next generations will thrive.  

When health care is universally available and affordable, when people access care not just when they need it, but for an annual physical, not only do problems get identified early when they are the cheapest and most effective to treat, but costs aren't shifted onto those with insurance or money and overall costs decrease.  We know that when prescription drug prices get negotiated, costs come down, people take their meds on schedule rather than skimping, and health problems are better controlled.

We know that we're all in this together.  That this shouldn't be a winner take all society.  We do well when our neighbors, our community, and our nation does well.  When we share in the rewards and responsibilities;  equality, opportunity, and justice are the inevitable outcome.  

So, I want more raging from you Tea Baggers, a louder RW media machine, and even more extremism and obstructionism.  Listen to those voices of your leaders who are telling you that you failed to get votes because you weren't Conservative enough!  Keep on moving further and further ---->.  Make sure to ignore the signs that say "Cliff Ahead".  Those signs were probably put up by those dirty, rotten Libruls, anyway.

Please continue to believe that the problems you encountered weren't with your message or policies, but with the way you talked about them and the words you used.  You just need different words and then you'd get those votes.  Yeah, more Frank Luntz focus-grouped words said with a more powerful microphone in more places and repeated more often.  

So, keep it up, Tea Baggers.  We're counting on you


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