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We all think it "If we don't listen to Fox News it won't make us want to smash our TV to bits" but there are times when you just have to laugh, especially a few events that happened on the network the past week.

#1. Thomas Ricks calls out Fox News
Thomas Ricks went on Fox news on Monday to promote his book 'The Generals' during the interview he said:

"Benghazi was generally hyped, by this network especially"
Opening with that he followed up with another direct call out. Ripping off Fox News's blanket exposing them to the cold
"I think that the emphasis on Benghazi has been extremely political, partly because Fox News operating as a wing of the Republican Party."
The interview lasted just 90 seconds and ended right after he said that. Michael Clemente who is vice president of editorials at the network, claimed Ricks apologized. On Huffington Post Live Ricks said that never happened and that is 'horseshit'.

#2. Fox and Friends get a sarcastic guest
Not the first time Fox and Friends were humiliated on air by a guest, like when they had the 'ex Obama supporter' on their show. A similar event took place when author Anthony Esolen came on to promote his book '10 Way to Destroy Your Childs Imagination' Esolen opened up with:

"First of all we do want to destroy the imagination of our children, otherwise our economy would collapse because people would stop buying things they don't need. You can't let your kid outside because a single blade of grass is more wondrous than anything the kid will see on a screen."
At this time one of the interviewers, Clayton Morris, looked as if someone just offended his mother. It seemed as if he could not believe this author would degrade their show like this. Esolen goes on:
"Fairy tales are based on what every culture really knows about human beings, its archetypal, its natural human knowledge, but we don't want that because that really taps into the imagination, instead we gotta replace it with whoever is politically favored at the moment. This trains the child away from imagination toward politics."
After Esolen concluded with that the interview was over. Fox News caught onto what he was getting at and they weren't having it. Clayton Morris's face, plus the interview being suddenly cut, equals Fox's feelings hurt.

#3. The finale: O' Reilly's breakdown of Gangnam Style (O' Geeze)
On the O' Reilly Factor, Bill O' Reilly and Dr. Keith Ablow attempted at understanding Gangnam Style which is the most popular video on YouTube. The two griped over this video and the song, they just could not get it. The reason why most Americans don't understand the song is probably, more than likely, that it is sung in Korean.
Keith Ablow while trying to make sense of it said "People don't want any meaning anymore. It doesn't raise emotion" and "It is a drug more than anything" O' Reilly added "You can do the pony."
Bill O' Reilly seemed to be making the connection that if you have a weird name and you don't speak English, you are not worthy of anything. He proceeded to point out that the singer is "A fat guy from Yong Yang" after they were discussing on how much better Elvis was "tapping into sexuality" but he still had meaning. A little factoid, Yong Yang is in North Korea, not South Korea where the singer is from.
Throughout the whole analysis, Ablow seemed more perplexed than O' Reilly, saying that the song is used as "something to transport from real thought" and it is the "same as getting high." I guess these two especially Dr. Ablow don't get that music is used to give your soul expression and make you feel good and express who you are, and often times people dance to music. They are not satisfied that it is just a song with a beat, there have been many songs throughout history similar to that. Second of all they don't understand Korean, who are they to say it doesn't have meaning? Its in Korean!
Finally, who makes artists popular? Corporations. So of course the blame is not on the corporations for making the music they don't like popular, the blame is on the "fat Korean guy from Yong Yang, the foreigner"
We all have musical differences. Gangnam Style does't please my taste personally. But for O' Reilly and Ablow to stress out about it and call it a drug is just plain silly and deserves a few laughs.
Events like this on Fox News happen it seems every month or so, however the way in which these ones happened can only trick your mind into thinking that you were watching a Saturday Night Live skit. This time your TV is spared from it being smashed to bits.

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