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Finding Christmas presents sometimes, can be difficult but speaking for me and my family, we rarely put stock into the  material part of celebrating Christmas.  We do buy and pay Santa though.  We have a tree and the trimmings but we don't do black Fridays or cyber Monday shopping and only shop for basically inexpensive gifts.  Handmade, thrift, inexpensive is all fine with us.

I had written a diary about Where are you Christmas, my faith is shaken about two weeks ago.  I had found out that my baby sister baby sister was gravely ill.  In Scott world, getting medical attention is just not that easy.  

I wanted my sister to spend Christmas eve with us this year and she called and told me
she would be here tomorrow.  The Day before Christmas Eve.  I sat at my computer and no gift came to mind.   I thought of the extreme weight loss and got upset thinking of clothes.   No book came to mind.   I thought of burning a CD from an old VHS tape but since it was mostly of Mother whom she was the caregiver until 04 and her late daughter and only child tragically killed in an auto accident in 2000, I scratched that idea.   I sat at the school and listened to the music playing and for the first time I could not think of anything but a miracle for my sweet baby sister.  Of course this was not in my power of gift giving, so I continued playing it out in my mind.

Diane, my baby sister was Mama's favorite, no matter how many times she would deny it.  Of course she was...she was the baby.   I am pretty much Daddy's girl and my older sister was very special  by both as she was the 1st child.  but I claim being Daddy's favorite because I was born on Father's day and look like him and his side of the family.  Everyone also said I was Daddy's favorite and produced the only boy in the entire family.  Out of three girls my son was the only male grandchild.  

  As I thought of our past Christmas days and nights together as children of parents and grandparents who made things magical for us with cakes, cookies, sparklers, and tradition, I thought, "What can I give my sister that will be different, not cost a lot, mean a lot, and be very special ...more special considering the circumstances...What ?
I did not consult anyone.  I did get an idea from my little one who has a very old soul.
She told me she was going to get a stuffed animal from her toy box that was special to her and give it to Aunt Diane for when she went to the hospital so she wouldn't be afraid.  I smiled.   I said, " That is very generous and smart of you, baby.  I think that is perfect."  Then it hit me.  I had in my possession something so sentimental and beautiful and I cherished.  

My mother, several years before dying, told me she wanted to give her gifts for we girls with a warm hand instead of a cold one.  She was very sick and had the most beautiful natural nails and did not want to keep up her long nails anymore and was going to quit wearing her jewlery except for a necklace.

 Mother had knowledge of jewlery pieces.  She had a few valuable and some sentimental ones.   She gave me in 1996 her three pieces of jewlery.
The tennis bracelet  which was stolen in Nashville, so that is gone.  The necklace of gold that I gave her I got back the day of the funeral as she never took the Mom necklace off.  Her instructions before dying was she wanted me to take the necklace back.  She did not want to be buried in the necklace.
There was one ring.  A black onyx that has a small diamond chip in the center and was given to her by my Daddy in the sixties.  She always wore that ring even after the divorce after 34 years of marriage.  Shenever like the necklace ever removed that ring. It is not so much that it is valuable in money but was given in love one Christmas in the early sixties.  She fussed over the ring being so beautiful for years.  I ended up with the ring.   This ring was given to me in 96 by Mama.   My older sister got her wedding set.  My baby sister got a small silver braclet.  I got most of her jewlery  because I was the one who had her one feature..Her hands.  There were not many items as she only believed in real not costume jelwery.  

I have the black small onyx that Daddy gave Mama.  I decided.  I would go to a jewlery store today, have it cleaned and get a box and wrap it and give it to my sister.  It would mean so very much to have a little bit of Mama and Daddy with her in these scary times.   I know she will fuss and say ..No, Mama wanted you to have this ring.  I will say and I want you to have it.  I have had the good fortune to care for Daddy in Ga and possession of  the ring for years.  

  I really had to think about giving up the ring but I know the decision is the right one and I learned a lot from my 7 year old.  Tradition of love and objects of past loves and when our family was whole is more important than silver and gold. The song posted below played constantly on my channel, as if it were speaking to me ever since I found out about  my sister's  extreme illness.

  The decision made me feel good and I want her to wear it and feel their good vibes daily.  I want her to have Mama's ring that Daddy gave her.  Daddy, almost 90 and just recenlty broke a hip.  I wanted her to think of thier loving arms and ways back in the day of the ring that was given.
I only wore that ring on special occasions and was afraid of losing it.   I am so glad the decision came. I think that and the stuffed animal is the perfect presents for Christmas to a very sick  loved one this Christmas.

Although onyx is found worldwide, the most important place of its mining is Brazil. Brazil supplies the best multi-colored untreated chalcedony. In addition to that it also occurs in India, California, U.S.A, Uruguay and Madagascar. Gray chalcedony is found in India and China. If international trends are something to go by, the emphasis on spiritual or mystical aspects of the gemstones have become the latest rage across the globe. The belief is getting increasing strong that chemical structure of the stones have the power to attract different energetic vibration, which can positively affect the mind and body of the wearer. This stone is believed to have many such mystic powers
The  Bond and Love from stone myth or fact?
I am telling you all this intention because I gather so much postive energy from so many of you and your encuragement throughtout the year that I feel you are part of the gift and part of the decision, even if none of you knew or said a word.  I felt the thoughts and prayers and wishes.
 Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays KOSSACKS !!!!!

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