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Teapublicans began the year (of our lord) 2012 feeling good about their chances of turning President Barack Obama into the next former President Jimmy Carter.

Boasting a field of dreams including the likes of Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry, Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum—not to mention Ron Paul, who hates black/"blah" people just as much as they do—they had good reason to feel that way.

However, the GOTP ultimately fell in line behind Mitt Romney, and we all know how well that worked out for them.

After failing to take their country back, the Teabaggers entered a period of deep reflection, and decided that they won't go down alone.

And, really, who can blame them.

Morning lineup:

Meet the Press: President Barack Obama; Roundtable: Tom Brokaw (NBC News), Presidential Historian Doris Kearns Goodwin, Author Jon Meachem, David Brooks (New York Times) and Chuck Todd (NBC News).

Face the Nation: Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL); Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK); Roundtable: Peggy Noonan (Wall Street Journal), Dee Dee Myers (Vanity Fair), Michael Duffy (TIME), Joe Klein (TIME), Major Garrett (CBS News) and Nancy Cordes (CBS News).

This Week: Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Sen. Jon Kyl (R-AZ), Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD), Rep. Raul Labrador (R-ID); Roundtable: Jonathan Karl (CBS News), Former DNC Chair Howard Dean, Former Minnesota Gov.Tim Pawlenty (R), Maggie Haberman (Politico), Todd Purdum (Vanity Fair), Bianna Golodryga (ABC News) and Leigh Gallagher (Fortune).

Fox News Sunday: Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC); Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA); Roundtable: Bill Kristol (Weekly Standard), Steve Hayes (Weekly Standard), Former Sen. Evan Bayh (D-IN) and Kirsten Powers (Daily Beast).

State of the Union: Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY); Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA); Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-MI); Rep. Donna Edwards (D-MD); Jessica Yellin (CNNl); Karen Tumulty (Washington Post); Gerry Seib (Wall Street Journal); Matt Bai (New York Times); Reliable Sources: Lynn Sweet (Chicago Sun-Times); Erik Wemple (Washington Post); Bob Cusack (The Hill); Fred Francis (Formerly of NBC News); Lauren Ashburn (; George Washington University Prof. Steve Roberts; Jonathan Martin (Politico); Glenn Thrush (Politico); Bob Woodward (Washington Post); Comedian Darrell Hammond.

The Chris Matthews Show: Katty Kay (BBC); Michael Duffy (TIME); Helene Cooper (New York Times); Sam Donaldson (ABC News).

Fareed Zakaria GPS: NSA Adviser Tom Donilon; Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger; Former Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill; Former State Department Official Anne-Marie Slaughter.

Up with Chris Hayes: Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-OR); Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN); Jamelle Bouie (American Prospect); Suzy Khimm (Washington Post); Maya Wiley (Center for Social Inclusion); Kevin Williamson (National Review); Amy Kremer (Tea Party Express); Former Chairman of the New Hampshire GOP Fergus Cullen.

Evening lineup:

60 Minutes will feature: a report on the latest breakthroughs in the development of robotic prostheses (preview); an interview with a former Danish spy who claims to have played a crucial role in the controversial CIA drone strike that killed Anwar Al Awlaki (preview); and, an interview with filmmaker Judd Apatow (preview).

On Comedy Central...

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert were off this week, so there are no new videos to share. Instead, for your viewing pleasure (read: schadenfreude), here's Jon's post-election night coverage.

And Stephen's final countdown to loving Mitt.

Note: The Daily Show and The Colbert Report will be airing reruns this week.


BIG BREITBART experienced some serious butthurt.

Conservative talk radio host and commentator Dana Loesch sued the owner of the conservative website Friday, claiming that although her relationship with the news and opinion aggregating website had gone "tragically awry," Breibart.cοm LLC refused to let her work for the company or anyone else, forcing her into "indentured servitude in limbo."


Conservative commentator Charles Kruathammer gave President Obama a backhanded compliment of sorts.

"He's been using this, and I must say with great skill–-and ruthless skill and success–-to fracture and basically shatter the Republican opposition… His objective from the very beginning was to break the will of the Republicans in the House, and to create an internal civil war. And he’s done that."

And, finally...

The Daily Caller began reviewing cigarettes—a "vital American product."

Known in the '50s as the Marlboro "regular," this was the standard cigarette. Before cigarettes were sold to men for the purpose of sexual solicitation, they were allowed to revel in their polarizing maleness, their seductiveness muted and irrelevant, their purpose utilitarian. [...]

Philip Morris introduced the Marlboro in 1955 as the first filtered cigarette mass-marketed to male consumers. Executives actually feared that the brand would not be masculine enough to sell. American men had never before embraced filtered cigarettes, which were then associated with women and lung-cancer conspiracy theorists. [...]

Reports of a substantial "buzz" from the Marlboro are misleading, often emanating from the feminized reaches of modern cigarette appreciation.

What doesn't kill us makes us stronger.

- Trix

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