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Gregory carries water for the Republicans, “Spending Cuts as Reform”, he has no ability to see the Majorities wishes, and only Republican wishes are legitimate to David Gregory.

President Obama came out with that “SHARED SACRIFICE” after the Campaigned on a balanced approach.  Gregory doesn’t get “Balanced” David Gregory only gets and covey's; Democrats should just keep giving more of their position, give more on Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, David never suggest, Republicans should give more on Revenues, Taxes, never.


David Gregory is the wrong person, to ask the questions of the President, David is vested in the Republican position and ideology (Spending alone, is REFORM, to David Gregory) therefore the President and Democrats and the Majority of the Nation, the election mandate, is not valid to Gregory, only what Conservative Republican want is valid to David Gregory.

To David Gregory, Democrats and the Voting, Polling majority are only to do what Republicans want, only more and more, to David Gregory, the people voting and election, produced a Majority position for Congress and is not valid, so he forms his questions, based on only Conservatives positions as valid… it is not important, except that they only do what Republicans want, David couches and ask his questions from the Conservative perspective and nothing else, David believes Democrats Domestic Programs have to be where all is cut and balanced, according to David Gregory alone, in his questions, it has to be done on the Majorities backs alone, regardless of what the MAJORITY wants, or voted and continually, consistently polled.

This is clear from David Gregory, David Gregory will never, ever questions Republicans as having, the wrong positions, (Spending Cuts, as REFORM, or that it’s short term and wrong position) based on the Election and polling alone, David Gregory never suggest to any Republican, the people do not want Spending Cuts to these programs, the majority, voted for the President and Democrats position and plans and your position is unsustainable, untenable and has little to no support, in Congress, except in the House and your House, is seen as “Obstructing and Blocking the Majority will of the Nation”.

David never says to conservative Republican Tea Party small g and little c; the people simply do not want your position and ideology they do not wants Spending Cuts and they are the majority that (elected more Democrats and the President).  The Majority of voters  want JOBS and what the President is offering, why haven’t you agreed to do what the majority of Americans wants done?

MEET THE REPUBLICAN and weak representation of mostly Conservatives and Republican Conservative (remembering David is a Conservative) Democrats and the People’s majority view, are not represented on this so called Panel.
David Gregory’s Slanted Conservative Panel: Tom Brokaw, Chuck Todd, John Meacham, David Brooks, Doris Kearns Goodwin… every one of them except Doris is Conservative, Moderates, Centrist, all of them lean RIGHT.

David Brooks said nothing worth anything.  No President OBAMA DOSEN’T TRUST Republicans, they’ve done nothing to earn TRUST

Chuck, says, it’s no urgency to President Obama, OK, it’s just as it was during the Debt Ceiling, there was no urgency from Conservative Republican in Congress, about the CLIFF.

Doris, The President has learned hard lessons, dealing with Republican Congress and their leadership.  Boehner walked out of those negotiations too.

Meacham, the system is broken, but he ignores WHO BROKE IT, Democrats haven’t broken the system, then Meacham goes on to mouth, this worthlessness on a scale, yes scene before, he Ronald Reagan-ed, etc.

David Gregory says; the President, said; Republicans have to say yes to reasonable offers. And Charles Krauthammer said; Obama exposed the internal war, with-in the Republican Party. The President revealed the ”Dictators, the Domestic Terrorist, that Conservative Republican Tea Party small g and little c’s” are, really, really are.

Tom, suggest, that the SS age can go up, here we go with only Republican Conservative positions, never does this Conservative sound the reasonableness of Democratic positions.

Questions not ask, anywhere today: Are Spending Cuts REFORM?
Mr. President, you have been more accommodating, I acknowledge this as do the majority of the people, why haven’t Conservatives Republican, understood your and the People’s mandate?

David to any Conservative or Conservatives Republican, aren’t JOBS the REAL DEBT? And you promised JOBS were number 1, then did nothing passable and why haven’t the House Republican offered Bills that will pass the Senate, not bills that haven’t and won’t?
I don’t ever expect these question from David Gregory, on MEET THE REPUBLICANS… ever, David will never acknowledge Democrats, or the Majority of the People, repeatedly polling their WILL… David will only; postulate, and form from his questions from a Conservative Republican perspective.

It’s sickening to view this MEET THE REPUBLICANS and David Gregory, as he continues his propaganda and talking point based hosting from the Conservative Republican ideology and perspective, as having the only valid answers… it’s sickening, week after week.
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