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Warning: This is my first diary so please don't be too harsh. English is also not my native language as I'm just a simple Dutch citizen of Arab descent.

As a person who has been a fan and political junkie of Barack Obama campaigns I'm always amazed to watch how this man outsmarts his enemies every step of the way. Many people on this site are now convinced that Obama has blundered. That often happens when he is winning. Let me explain further:

The typical Obama deal starts with both sides feeling they have lost. It ends with time softening the wounds of the liberals and the main stream media concluding that Obama won.

Let's look at the start of this particular deal.

Obviously you can just look around this website to conclude the majority of liberals feel they've lost.

But look at a website like

DerKrieger • 12 hours ago −
What a joke. I no longer care. I'm going to prepare for a financial collapse and do whatever I can to help make it happen including voting for Dems for federal office.

Meanwhile I will aggressively support strong 10th Amendment conservatives at the state level who will will be ready to dig us out from the mess created by the cowards and Marxists in DC.

I'm just beyond sick and tired of the phony drama while these damn politicians drive us deeper and deeper in debt and forcefully move us against our will into more and more collectivism.

This. Cannot. Continue.

And more...

Just who in this country do the Repubicans represent? Anyone have an idea? Certainly not me. It is time for a new party.
and more...
And now, after all their endless blather.. I can't count on them on tax hikes? ORLLY?

I'm REALLY stating to ask myself: Why am I a Republican again?

Or even: What IS a Republican and what do they stand for??

Does anyone know? Because I sure don't..

Republicans just handed democrats control of the congress in 2014. There is no difference between the 2 parties in my mind. No reason to vote in 2014 when republican leadership is a mirror image of democrat leadership.
Enough is enough. Never again will I vote for, or contribute a dime to, the GOP.
and finally more...
At least the democrats push for their ridiculous base and their absurd issues.. So where's my team?
In other words, the other side think they got a bad deal just as much as this side does. No scrap that, they feel they are in worste position. Just check their websites, while there are some defenders of Obama on this site, some diaries claiming "Obama won", I don't see any such diaries on their side. I don't see any "Boehner is playing Chess" on their forums.

And so I believe that the man who introduced national healthcare, got America out of Iraq, pushed your nation to the left and changed the narrative on gay rights and immigration may very well come out on top of this as winner. I know its easy to stay calm over such a deal when your not an American yourself, I come from a country with an extensive luxurious safety net, however if you feel upset then please soothe yourself with comments from the other side. Just my perspective from the other side of the pond.

And as an armchair analyst and follower of Obama I will now predict that in the look run Obama will be seen as the winner in this deal, and I predict that if the republicans cannot reinvigorate their tea party movement to work for them that they will truly be in trouble in 2014.

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