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That was fucking amazing!  The president comes out to the podium with his VP at his side, confident.  He starts with a statement that goes something like this: Thanks to the Democrats and Republicans in Congress I will sign a bill into law that will raise taxes on the wealthier 2%, and prevent tax increases on 98% of middle-class taxpayers, and 97% of businesses (or something like that).

No cuts to medicare, social security; extension of unemployment benefits for 2 million+ Americans... All in all, pretty good.

I'm not going to get into the issue of whether this is a great deal or not, or whether he caved in regarding increasing taxes on those making over $250k, or whether we just kicked the can down the road and will have another crisis in March, etc.  All I know is that Obama is facing an extreme cult-like vicious and unprincipled fanatical opponent when it comes to the Republicans in Congress; given that reality, I'm not sure who could have done better.

Also, I'm not going to get into my usual criticism of the Democratic party as also being part of the corrupt plutonomy: because they are.

But, when it comes to the rabid cult that is the Republican party, their teabaggers' followers, and the fascist billionaires who fund them in the open, I feel particular disdain.

The type of corruption on the Democratic side is the petty, run-of-the-mill money-hungry corrupt politician, prostrating before their pay masters to line their pockets and do their bidding.  It's the pantywaiste politician, cowardly, with no spine.  Okay, yes, we need to work hard to remove them and "elect 'better' (i.e., real) Democrats."  So let's do that.

But for the vermin, the sociopathic, sadistic, anti-intellectual, ignorant-loving, religious fanatics, racists, jingoistic, homophobic, etc., who make up the right wing, Tea Party, and the Republican party I feel a special kind of reproach.

And tonight, I totally enjoyed watching President Obama smile, look at the camera, and basically tell these fools (I'll be kind), "fuck you, fuck Grover Norquist, and fuck your little infantile 'pledge.'  You just raised taxes on the top 2%.  I'm signing this fucking bill now, and heading to Hawaii."

Well, he really didn't said that... That's just my interpretation.  And I'm totally enjoying it!

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