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Just like the day that keeps repeating itself, the art of running the country has hit the scratch on the record. From guns to the sequester all we get is the status quo.

All that is left in America is doing nothing and commenting on it.

The pudit industry is booming. Blogs, talk radio and myriad political shows have all the fodder they need. Alas, there is nothing left to talk about and nothing left to analyze. The reasons and solutions for and to our problems are more than evident.

I am hopeful that the beginning of the end will commence during the 2014 elections.

Yep it goes on....

The article in Time magazine about health care and the multi-faceted rip-off is both excellent and can be applied to every single budgeted area of government expenditure. Experts on both sides try to hide the graft, corruption and all around greed by saying things like " cutting 10% of the national budget will have catastrophic results". Bullshit!

We could trim 10% off of every single program without touching the benefits of anyone. People could still continue to make a profit, it would just be a reasonable profit and not a shameful one.

There has always been a rule of thumb concerning the return on an investment, it used to be about eight percent for example on a rental apartment. Only since Wall Street started selling the idea of making 12,15, 20% and more of a return on an investment (and that for doing nothing but moving around virtual money), did things start to go haywire.

There is blatant waste and thievery in every program and every politician, paid by the US taxpayer spends or has spent more money than needed. There is easily 10% to be saved without the slightest pain. Even the crooks that profit by overcharging their fellow Americans can still make a profit, just not 20%.

The biggest job of governing is seeing to the collective funds of a state or of the country. There is no need for the juvenile garbage that goes on and there is no need for idiotic Republican schemes to protect the greedy.

We could cut 10% from our budget and more than likely find more to save with no pain. There are a number of progressive plans for infrastructure and the environment that are win-win and sometimes even win-win-win.

We need to get rid of the liars and the profiteers on both sides of the aisle. Yes the Republicans are the principal culprits because they do represent big oil, big pharma, big agro, and "big" Wall Street but the slimy useless idiots that have worn out there welcome on the Democratic side can go too.

Harry Reid shook hands and made a deal with one of the biggest anti-American scumbags in Congress. That is all the proof that anyone needs to rid the Congress of the likes of both of them.

Let's start voting in the Elizabeth Warrens and get rid of the shills and haters. America is starting to look to the outside world like a country with an obstructionist party of white trash and a mealy mouthed party of faux progressives that refuse to take policy to where it needs to go.

Come on guys 10% can be done, pragmatic gun control, immigration reform and a jobs plan too. The problem is that as long as the assholes that are taking our money and finding every excuse under the sun not to solve solvable problems are voted out, nothing will change.

As the Black Eyed Peas would say: In 2014 Let's Get It Started.

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  •  extraordinary claims require (0+ / 0-)

    extraordinary evidence.

    Are you saying that every program can be cut 10% without hurting any services?  Every program?

    I would be interested to see evidence of this for things not related to medical costs or defense.

  •  As in the movie the only way to break the (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    cycle is by becoming better people.  We, as a nation, need to become better people and by extension elect better people.  Then we can break the cycle.  

    Clearly the sociopaths on the right aren't going to change and you can't reach a rational compromise with a sociopath.  To them compromise is an opportunity to exploit.  We have to replace them with better  people.  To do that we need to educate the misguided people who vote for them.  I never said it would be easy.

    It's a Buddhist movie and one of my favorites.

    Can't we just drown Grover Norquist in a bathtub?

    by Rezkalla on Wed Feb 27, 2013 at 02:58:06 PM PST

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