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Well this is refreshing. A self-proclaimed Republican woman, tells Rush Limbaugh what time it is... And we're cheering her on. Here's to bipartisanship!
In her DailyNewsOnline article, Esther Kohlhagen writes:
"Fortunately for me, a Registered Republican, I have grown into a crotchety old lady who has lived long enough to see and witness the “good,” “bad” and “ugly” in its truest form."

She says to Rush,
And as for the “ugly” — the truly ugly (in Rush Limbaugh style) Rush Limbaugh boasts that he needs no one — he is a self-made man. He can purchase any amenity he so desires, like cars, planes, cigars, houses and, oh yes, people — especially wives. Which makes one wonder — if he can purchase or financially persuade a woman to marry him, wouldn’t that declare such a woman, who is bought and sold for this “bottom-of-the-barrel lot in life,” be classified in the same category Rush ruthlessly and chauvinistically put Sandra Fluke into?

The fact of contracting to acquire wives (four so far) will make Rush boast one day soon that he is truly an “entrepreneur” (in the market of women).
On Feb. 21, 2013, Rush made a very profound and pitiful statement when he said, “I’m ashamed of my country.” Well, not half as much as our country is ashamed of you Rush! For you to stoop so low by spending your work week destroying the integrity of our country; belittling our president because of the color of his skin and your striving desperately to incite other lame-brain tyrants like yourself to stifle and squash any idea our president puts forth that may help our nation and its people — you should be ashamed!

You are no more than a leech that sucks the goodness out of a person or nation until you can extract no more. At this point, we know, you don’t care because your needs have been fulfilled and you are free to go and look for your next victim to ridicule and try to destroy.

And “victims?” You, Rush have an endless supply. You can make fun of a person’s name (this always gives you a good belly laugh); you can make derogatory remarks about prominent women, especially if they are black or Democrat; and one of your greatest pleasures is when a person of the Democratic Party is affected with a disease or disabling condition — oh how you can chuckle about their physical inabilities.

Rush, you’re so brave!

You’re so brave, as you daily hide in your little “glass monkey-cage,” surrounded by your obedient caretakers who throw you your very nutritious crumbs of malicious gossip to brazenly deliver to the public. Then when your daily stint is over you seem to disappear until the next day. Where do you go? No one sees you leaving your guarded studio. No one sees you driving your car. No one sees you playing golf with your golfing buddies. (By the way, who are they anyway? Do we know them?) And then no one ever sees pictures of the cozy little moments with wife No. 4. All this makes one wonder again— do you have well-guarded and patrolled underground tunnels and burrows that allow you to safely and secretly transport your body from one place to another? When do you come up for air and mingle with the public? Are you afraid?
Bullies are like that — and Rush, there is no one better to claim this title than you do.

Esther Kohlhagen lives in Attica.

Esther Kohlhagen, your sentiment is much appreciated. I can safely say you speak for most of the country.
To become more involved with the national movement to StopRush:

Sign: Limbaugh Sponsor Petition:
Join: Boycott Rush Limbaugh ...

Thank You Richard Myers. We Will Finish This. Rest In Peace.

Originally posted to Leslie Salzillo on Thu Mar 14, 2013 at 08:34 PM PDT.

Also republished by Street Prophets and Sluts.

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