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I already knew her 9th g-grandmother was a witch, but the discovery that she's a space alien is new. The evidence is overwhelming. I took the pictures myself. There's plenty of evidence from rock-solid sources that confirms everything. The History Channel produced a detailed documentary of the actual site where the secret alien undersea spaceships are based. I have photographic evidence that shows her opening the secret entrance to the mothership.

I even found the signalling station and homing beacons that they use for navigation and communications the home planet. It's all so obvious now. I don't know how I missed it earlier.

Genealogy and family history research is like that. Sometimes the evidence is right under your nose. Sometimes you discover surprising connections.

Space alien homing beacon and communications facility cleverly disguised as Earthling cemetery

Prospect Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada

Don't be fooled by the chiseled name "White" on some of these cemetery markers. This is alien code for "Gray". Because my mother-in-law is part Human, part Gray. I know because I found two pictures in a family photo album.

This picture is my mother-in-law's grandmother. Notice the large, dark eyes made up to look like large eye sockets. Notice the high cheekbones and lower part of her face that tapers down to a smaller chin. Notice the hairstyle that hides the larger part of her head. Isn't it obvious? [We believe she's of German and Mi'kmaq people of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland ancestry - she really is my mother-in-law's grandmother]

Actual photograph of mother-in-law's grandmother - obviously of Gray ancestry
My mother-in-law's baby picture. Shocking! Just shocking!
Actual photograph of mother-in-law found in family photo album
Then there's the picture I captured of my mother-in-law actually entering the secret entrance to the secret undersea spaceship base. I should have known that this was the real deal because there's an official government sign right next to the entrance. Ther must be a secret trap door or space-time portal on the other side of that fake door. It looks just like a bathroom to us humans. Those darn space aliens think they're fooling us. We know better.
I even found the backup power station for the undersea spaceship base. It's located just South of the alien signalling station (diguised as Earthing cemetery) in Shad Bay, Nova Scotia, said to be where my mother-in-law's father was baptized. Do space aliens go to such extreme lengths to hide among us? I guess they do. The power station is topped off with the classic space alien advanced technology power pyramid and is located at the edge of the Atlantic Maritime time-warp magnetic phase-shift anomaly (The well-known Halifax Triangle of Doom).
Undersea alien spaceship base pyramid power station.

Shad Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada

Enough, already. Why all the UFO and space alien nonsense?

Well, I had a thought that maybe, just maybe, a significant amount of experience with genealogy and family history research might improve one's logical reasoning skills so that it's less likely to believe in such fantasy entertainment nonsense.

But I have my doubts that this kind of research would  improve the ability to recognize enough of the logical fallacies and notice the complete lack of relevant evidence needed to convince a believer that this stuff isn't real.

If one has already decided to believe in UFO's, space aliens, abductions, etc., especially if one has been frightened by something unknown or imagined to be the monster under the bed, especially if this happens early in life, then the idea often forms a very strong belief that's nearly impossible to change later on. Even if one knows and understands that the belief is entirely false, through evidence or just through growing more mature, the belief persists.

Genealogy research is much more straightforward. Everyone has two biological parents. This never changes. So we know the basic structure that our research should provide. There's no possibilty that our ancestry will change over time. Any mistakes we make might be a little frustrating or annoying, but we readily accept our mistakes and correct them willingly. Yeah, there are a small number of researchers that tent to argue and defend their mistakes if someone else point them out, but that's not a very big deal. Maybe this is why the activity seems to provide some relaxation and contentment.

What's bugging me about this?

Well, back to my mother-in-law for a moment. I love her dearly. She's an active and engaged octogenarian. She enjoys this kind of humor as much as I do. I mentioned up front that she's a witch. Sort of true. She does have a direct ancestor who was punished for heresy, not exactly witchcraft, but it's more fun to call it that.

This week, she is wary of voting for democrats because she doesn't want to live under socialism. She is genuinely concerned about that. It's faily easy to calm her fears, but it's usually just temporary. The right wing hate radio nonsense or her friends have shoved this nonsense into her head somehow.

But it's the ones who go way beyond this single-issue concern and form a rabid infection of hate and fear so deep that it forms their core beliefs. I think it's impossible to convince them otherwise when it's embedded so deeply.

The numbers are shocking to me

The surveys vary widely, but between 1/3 and 2/3 of the population believe in UFO's.

In the UK, more people believe in UFO's than believe in God.

Over half believe that exraterrestrial humanoid life is or has visited Earth.

90% of alien visitor believers in Canada identify them as "Grays".

Willard believes that 47% are incapable of taking responsibility for their own lives.

47% of voters in Nov. voted for Willard.

I ask you

Do you think that the skills developed by doing genealogy and family history research helps to elect more and better Democrats?

That's complicated. But that's what I was wondering.

Open thread. Floor's open....

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