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Not sure if this is a vent or a pity party - a little of both I guess - but I had to share and hopefully maybe I can save someone else some frustration by sharing this little tale.

But then
What's the big deal?

There is excellent information in the comments - please take the time to take a peak

Last year when all the states were trying to enact voter ID requirements - the Repugs kept saying, "What's the big deal, everybody has an ID."  Well, no.  Every time I heard or read that I would get incensed cause I knew there were people out there who didn't the money or ability to get the documentation needed to obtain an ID.  

Last year when I went to the polls - I brought my state voter ID registration card, my drivers license, my passport and a utility bill with my current address on it.  Damn it - they weren't going to stop me from voting.  And they didn't.

Turn the clock ahead five months - I want to apply for my social security retirement benefits.  Just like the Republicans lamented over Voter ID, "What's the big deal, everybody has a social security card." Well, no.  I lost my social security card about 40 years ago and never replaced it - shoulda, with all the changes that have occurred in the US since 9/11.  but didn't.

Anyway in order to get a new social security card - I have to produce a birth certificate.  To most, you will think that this is not a big deal.  Just like the Republicans lamented over Voter ID, "What's the big deal, everybody has a  birth certificate." Well, no.  Can't remember the last time I had to supply a copy of my birth certificate - and when I did, whatever government agency I gave it to (probably for my passport), kept it.

So - two days ago - I ordered a copy of my birth certificate.  The state I ordered it had two options.  Call us (nope - I'm a computer type of gal) or order online (yep - I'm a computer type of gal).  Well, I filled out the online app and put in my credit card, done - NOPE.

Then the computer app popped up a screen that said in order to process my request - they needed to  "to verify my identity".  Please answer the following four questions.  It asked me four questions (which I don't remember verbatim but were something like this):
    What state was your Social Security Card issued in?
      I had to guess cause we moved around a lot when I was a kid.
   Which of the five cities listed below have you NOT lived in?
      And yes, there was one city listed that I had never lived in.
   Which of the following addresses have you been listed as an owner?
     And sure enough there was the address of the house
       I owned with my ex - 15 years ago.
   Forgot the fourth question.  Damn, a brain phart -
     just had it too - - on the tip of my brain
Scared the crap out of me that within seconds of the website accepting my credit card number - based on the information I filled out to get a new birth certificate - the computer program came up with four specific personal questions about me.

Onward and forward.
Yesterday I get an email from the Department of Human services in the state where I was born 60+ years ago - Please call us.

Today I called and 60+ years ago, on a manual typewriter, the hospital clerk spelled my mothers maiden name wrong.  Guess what - I don't get a birth certificate by return mail - I get the paperwork on the steps I need to take to correct my mothers maiden name that was typed incorrectly by a hospital clerk - 60+ years ago - before I can get my birth certificate.  As I spelled by mothers name, for a second time, the clerk told me -  "No, it is clearly typed on the form as xcxxxxxxxx."  (Emphasis on the word typed.)  There should be an "a" where the "c" is.

Oh, but it doesn't end there.  Somewhere along the way, and for the majority of my life - and on my drivers license and on my passport - my middle name is RAE.  Well, on my birth certificate my middle name is RAY.  Maybe another typo that my parents didn't' catch - too late now.  God only knows what trouble that is going to cause me.

Just wanted to put this out there - as a tale of caution to many.
If you don't have your birth certificate - get it now in case you run into problems.
When you get your birth certificate - get multiple copies - cause god only knows what additional hoops we will have to jump through just to get a birth certificate or to correct one in the future.

Oh yeh - in addition to the frustrations this is causing.  I'm incensed at this.  
Republicans - It costs money me to do this.
"What's the big deal, everybody has money."

Republicans - This takes time to do.
"What's the big deal, everybody has time."

Republicans - I needed a phone or a computer to do this.
"What's the big deal, everybody has a phone or a computer."

Republicans - I'm fortunate I still have the mental capacity to deal with this.
"What's the big deal, everybody can do it."

Republicans - go screw yourselves - cause if it wasn't for your damn paranoia , this probably wouldn't have ended up being the issue it has now become in today's "fraud driven" society.

Vent, pity party done. Sigh  .....

Good luck everyone on obtaining your birth certificate.

Anyone else have a tale of caution or warning you think others should know about?

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