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As the Obama administration continues the onslaught against state medical marijuana laws we learn from the UK that Cocaine-using bankers destroyed our economy:

The former top drugs adviser to Britain’s parliament told UK newspaper The Telegraph on Sunday that risk-taking behaviors behind the financial crisis of 2008 were driven by excessive cocaine consumption by the world’s banking elite.

“Bankers use cocaine and got us into this terrible mess,” Professor David Nutt said. “It is a ‘more’ drug.” He added that cocaine has the effect of making its users feel “overconfident,” encouraging risk-taking behaviors.

Nutt used to be a drugs advisor in the UK (that's what they call them) but he advised them in ways they did not want to hear, telling them the truth about things like exstacy, which powerful people who are stupid about drugs never want to hear.

The rest of the linked article wanders off into the punishment he experienced for telling the truth about drugs and down't delve more into the cokehead banker bit.

From the Telegraph UK

Prof Nutt said that too many bankers who took the drug were “overconfident” and so “took more risks” and said that not only did it lead to the current crisis in this country, but also the 1995 collapse of Barings bank.
He said cocaine was perfect for their "culture of excitement and drive and more and more and more", adding: “Bankers use cocaine and got us into this terrible mess. It is a 'more' drug."
Even the Telegraph article spends most of it's length cataloging his statements that pissed off the powerful with their truth.

As I always say, truth just has no place in politics, and that much of politics is about obscuring the truth. The GOP, of course, long ago pushed this to the next level with their war on Reality itself.

But yeah, the idea that pot smokers are ruining this country are still amazingly stupid, brought on by ages of dumb but slick anti-marijuana propaganda. And while marijuana is by far the biggest focus of parasitic entities like the DEA and the ONDCP, it is cocaine that is tied directly into ruining our economy.

We can, by extention, blame the DEA: they ALLOWED Wachovia and other huge banks to launger money for the cartels, who make almost half their income on cocaine, and let them get by with a slap on the wrist while spend billions and billions and billions of dollars - YOUR dollars - on chasing, harrassing and killing pot smokers

Bankers are a bigger threat to this country than all the marijuana smokers combined.

Why are cops chasing people who do not hurt this country?

Why do cops protect the predators who ruined this country?

Those predators are USING DRUGS and I expect their doors be kicked down, their homes and offices raided, their families to be drawn into the charges just for good measure, and DRUG USERS be hauled out into the street and treated like drug users.

But since marijuana doesn't appear to be involved, I fully expect our government to look the other way.

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