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In my unscientific Presidential candidate polls, Hillary Clinton is consistently running first and Elizabeth Warren is consistently running right behind her at second. Nobody else is close so far. One of the biggest concerns raised about Warren was if she could generate the money and the organization to run a national campaign. This was the sort of concern raised about Barack Obama in 2008. However, his skill as a community organizer stood him well as he was able to build an operation that was able to beat Hillary Clinton and win two elections, one in 2012 when all the conventional wisdom said that he should have lost due to the continuing recession.

Here are the votes from last week's diary:
Hillary Clinton 34% (+8)
Elizabeth Warren 22% (-2)
Bernie Sanders 12% (+4)
Sherrod Brown 5% (New)
Deval Patrick 3% (-9)
Joe Biden 3% (0)
Wesley Clark 3% (0)
Martin O'Malley 2% (New)
Kirsten Gillibrand 1% (-2)
Russ Feingold <1% (-4)

Out -- Did not receive votes: Mark Udall, Cuomo, Ellison, Schweitzer
Out -- Kirsten Gillibrand: As noted in last week's diary, she would not run if Hillary runs in 2016.
One poster suggested Julian Castro, the Mayor of San Antonio. However, he is out.
Also out -- Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper.
In -- three long shots; but, you never know:
Jeff Merkley
The junior Senator from Oregon is one of the leaders on filibuster reform.

Alan Grayson
One of the most colorful characters in American politics and one of the Progressive leaders in the House. He is from Florida, always a critical battleground state. And he is one of the most accessible candidates as well; he recently did an "Ask me Anything" on Reddit.
Joe Sestak
Rumored to be running for Governor of Pennsylvania and a formidable fundraiser. Money and organization would not be a problem with him.

I'm always open for other suggestions. The goal is to find the best possible candidate out there and then go with them.


Who would you elect President in 2016?

28%22 votes
15%12 votes
9%7 votes
5%4 votes
1%1 votes
1%1 votes
1%1 votes
5%4 votes
2%2 votes
0%0 votes
25%20 votes
0%0 votes
3%3 votes

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  •  All of the above (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    I'll support the Democratic nominee.  :-)

  •  I voted for Hillary but only because... (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    I hope that Hillary runs and turns out to be the overwhelming favorite everyone thinks she'll be. I'd like to see the '16 election be all about creating a Democratic majority in the House of Representatives, so I would like to skip the Democratic Presidential primary altogether, and only Hillary can make that happen.

    If I thought Elizabeth Warren were actually running, I'd switch my vote to her, and if Joe Biden were ten years younger I'd vote for him, but since those things aren't so, I'm sticking with Hillary in this poll.

    I do also think that talking about '16 all ready is a bit ridiculous, but it is what it is...

  •  Elizabeth Warren may be president (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    in some of our dreams, but she is not a viable presidential candidate. I think this is pretty obvious. If the fantasy feels good, keep talking and thinking about it. No harm will come of that. But come on.

  •  Generations (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    I like a lot of the people on the list. I'd support them, vote for them, and cheer when they win.

    I have a theory, though, about generations.

    We've had a couple of presidents from the Boomer generation: Clinton and Bush II.

    Then we went to a Gen X president, who defeated a Silent Generation opponent and a Boomer opponent.

    I've got some doubts that America will move back to the Boomer generation. Maybe late Boomer, someone close to Gen X might appeal to the voters, but not, I think, a Boomer born right after WW II. Hillary might be the exception, but I don't think Elizabeth Warren will be.

  •  Coincidences (0+ / 0-)

    Thru the 20th Century, with a few exceptions,
    voters preferred candidates with double letters
    in their names, or at least double initials.


    WiLLiam McKinley
    TeDDy ROOsevelt
    WiLLiam Taft
    WOODrow Wilson
    WaRRen Harding
    Calvin COOlidge
    Herbert HOOver
    Franklin ROOsevelt
    HaRRy Truman
    D. D. Eisenhower
    John F. KeNNedy
    L. B. Johnson
    R. Nixon
    [Gerald "JeRRy" Ford -- not elected, almost reelected]
    James "JiMMy" Carter
    R. Reagan
    G. H. W. Bush
    WiLLiam JeFFerson "BiLL" Clinton
    G. W. Bush (or wasn't Albert A. Gore the popular choice?)
    Barack HuSSein Obama

    Not a perfectly predictive list, L.B.J. beating
    BaRRy Goldwater stands out. But it beats the heck
    out of astrology. LOL. So I wouldn't bet against it.

    And btw, the voters usually liked the candidate with
    the longer name, as well.

    Fortunately, most of the strongest candidates on
    the ballot in the diary have double-lettered and
    longish names.

  •  A nit pick (0+ / 0-)

    Barnie Sanders does caucus with the Democrats in the Senate, but at the present time he is a Socialist -- and not a registered Democrat. Unless something changes, I'd expect he would be ineligible for the Democratic primary ballot in most or all states.

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