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We held the annual Cheers & Jeers Dinner in San Jose, CA on Wednesday, June 19th, 2013 to kick-off festivities for this year's Netroots Nation.

It was a Daily Kos family reunion of about 120 Kossacks.

Bill in Portland Maine and his partner, Common Sense Mainer couldn't be there this year so I made sure they were there in effigy:


Join me below the elegant beer splatter for many, many more photos and the rest of the story.

This is the second time I've been replacement hostage for Bill and Michael. Michael negotiated a great venue, The Brit (Britannia Arms) and got the sports bar to agree to a free private area and separate checks. (I know, right? I still can't believe they would agree to that.) Great job, Michael. It worked out very well.

My First Lieutenant, side pocket, performed the traditional C&J March from the host hotels. He delivered them perfectly on time.

side pocket taking a photo of all the cats he's herding to the C&J Dinner with vicki and norm as lead cats -Photo Courtesy of side pocket

This year I invited Markos and his staff. It was great to see him, Armando, Joan McCarter, Susan Gardner, Jen Hayden, Laura Clawson and Will Rockafellow attend. Jen piled a table high with Daily Kos swag, free for all!

I had originally asked Markos to pop for a hologram of Bill and Michael but for some tedious reason I couldn't get that approved. However, Markos offered to pay for our beer towers. That was pretty swell:

We had a tower each of Sierra Nevada, Stella Artois, Blue Moon, New Castle and Drakes Heff. Each refilled several times for thirsty Kossacks.

Humans in the photo include from L-R: Joan McCarter, tgypsy, Will Rockafellow's back and side pocket chatting with Susan Gardner

Since Markos paid for the beer I forced allowed him a couple of minutes to welcome our family reunion:


The crowd:


Look at all that orange. We love our Daily Kos orange!


L-R: JPMassar, thankgodforairamerica, jakedog42, susans, (standing: Cali Scribe) Dave in Northridge, Lorikeet, ?, ?, (standing: Mr. Texasmom) DaNang65, angela jean's hair, cskendrick and ?

maggiejean, Mrs. side pocket and dharmasyd

Jeremy Bloom, mber, jotter and tgypsy

Central Valley Kossacks: cooper888, Kestrel, gotmooned and tgypsy

Armando, Joan McCarter and Shockwave

Sara R, Markos and winglion

krwheaton, Mr. Cosette, Cosette Jr., Mark E. Anderson, Glen the Plumber, paradise50, remembrance, belinda ridgewood, Lusty, doraphasia and Floja Roja

N in Seattle and Devtob behind him

TexMex, Mr. Texasmom, Markos, Texasmom and AoT

SFBob and the first sighting of Trapper - Photo Courtesy of SFBob

krwheaton, cosette jr. and cosette

Mr. Arenosa, Arenosa and mik

Loggersbrat, ramara and linkage

Jeremy Bloom, Brillig and ThatKid

A blurry belinda ridgewood and this was just the beginning of the evening!

sfbaytransplant, Sharoney and Spousal Unit (Mr. Sharoney)

vicki and norm

smileycreek, Paradise50, Cedwyn, Markos and MrNavajo

Lulu and chicklet with a really big burger!

Requisite Food Pr0n


Markos for buying all our beer and Jen Hayden for bringing a bunch of free tee shirts plus her general support in the whole dinner planning

mber happily transporting "Bill and Michael" to the convention center for their reign in the Daily Kos Lounge. She is modeling the latest look in chic shoulder bags. mber also helped Michael find this venue

First Lieutenent
My First Lieutenant, side pocket for his general support and leading the Annual Cheers & Jeers Dinner March - Photo Courtesy of smileycreek

Shockwave, for understanding the importance of THEE orange boa

And finally:
Bill in Portland Maine and Common Sense Mainer for the original idea of kicking off NN13 with such a fun event. I've been to every one of these and it's so nice to see my family again.

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