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We have Power! We Have Choices! We Have Many Many Voices! And we have a NEW emerging voice and advocate in this Woman of Steel: Wendy Davis.

I cannot stand Hillary and the Clintons, and I am super-pissed at Obama for continuing Bush policies, drone strikes that indiscriminately kill civilians, targeted assassinations that make a mockery of due process, an insane war in Afghanistan and his propping up of the Bush National Security state that makes us ALL more insecure and our Constitution as if it were nothing more than used toilet paper. His failure to prosecute Bush and Cheney and Rumsfeld for torture and crimes against humanity was my fist clue that he was compromised entirely or completely sold out, a collaborator and an accessory after the fact. A new swarthier incarnation of Bill Clinton - beholden to his masters from the filthy Mammon elites. I believe they are Impeachable offenses, high crimes and misdemeanors, frankly and would prefer a contrite, humbled and chastened Biden to the glowering, vindictive, Brzezinski-cum-Wall-Street schmoozing and mean-spirited charmer Obama, who now is like lady Macbeth - and the stains cannot be washed clean.. He is a master appeaser and compromiser who has turned out to be, for the most part, a complete sellout (although not 100% so, imho - I honestly believe he WANTED to be and do better, but he was too compromised and threatened  by the far right and the powers that be that he has, in many respects, utterly failed us and the flag and the Constitution). Ask Cornel West--- whom I adore.

No one has so far  fired me up for 2016 until now, and I have been resigned to the probability that the haggard and spent narcissistic and untrustworthy Clinton dynasty would continue with Hillary at the helm (I can think of worse options, but not many - it's just that ANY Republican bozo or zealot would certainly be worse than the Bush-Clinton-Obama Status quo National Security State under Hillary: It COULD get worse under Jeb Bush or Rand Paul or one of the new dim bulbs from the right.


I needed to get this where folks can see it and weigh in. Wendy Davis will NOT run against Hillary until it is made clear that the vast majority of the people do NOT want Hillary and that Hillary could lose the whole controlled show.

The only thing that will really get Wendy Davis to run is MONEY. Grass roots dollar bills. So I propose now that those who can (especially women whose rights she kicked ass for -  defending them last week in Texas from Neanderthal creationists and little Eichmanns) organize, contribute, set up a draft Wendy website and get the dough rolling in as fast as possible. 2016 is not far off and she needs a positive figurative "kick in the posterior" ( a la a vociferous campaign to draft her with buckets of money pouring in) to get moving to challenge the status quo and to address the issues and face the reality that Hillary is washed up, used goods, tired and pitiful. And too ensconced in the status quo and her own "entitlement" to truly change a damn thing (much like Obama), MAYBE Hillary would have an honorable exit strategy and can pursue real happiness somewhere else - and get over herself. Screw What Billy the intern groper wants or says. Just let her fade away and get some much needed rest. She's done enough (some good and lots of harm imho - defending her philandering untrustworthy far as you can throw him husband and lying to cover it up first and foremost)

So...who agrees? Those with better technical  (and typing lol) skills need to set up pay pal accounts and a website. I would be happy to make the first $10 donation for a campaign to draft her when I get my next paycheck. Who else has the ovaries or cojones to help DRAFT WENDY DAVIS for President in 2016!!! Carp Diem!

To reiterate my comments buried in another thread:


Hillary is status quo --- Bush light in a skirt (or pantsuit, rather) just as Obama is Bush light with a man tan.

Drone strikes, National security state, bad policies and continued crimes against humanity (civilian deaths and targeted assassinations, targeting whistleblowers (snowden) and journalists to chill free speech and urinate and defecate on the constitution and the flag. All these will continue if Hilary is elected.

For the record I voted for Obama and will vote for Hillary if she is the candidate unless there is a viable 3rd option (not a PIPEDREAM OR A TRAITOR NADER). I am a realist and ANY Republican would be worse than Hillary.

Remember the Clintons came from financing by the Little Rock-based Stephens Group (Club for Growth - purveyors of the volvo birkenstock anti-Dean ads) who also financed Bush II, like they did Clinton,  with Saudi and Bin Laden moneys. Clinton oversaw the Contra-cocaine-transactions out of Mena (Arkansas) airport as governor when BUSH I WAS PREZ AND vp). The Clintons both are as dirty as the day is long.


Davis is a breath of fresh air and if she took Keith Ellison as her running mate we could truly transform America into the land of the free and the home of the brave again for the next 20 years, at least.

Let's draft, support and give  every penny we can to Wendy Davis for PRESIDENT!!!

She will absolutely ELECTRIFY the democratic base: latinos, gays, youth, african americans, women, immigrants, union folks, the unemployed and those on welfare.

Forget the Governorship and forget "pragmatism (see what that got us with Obama the drone/surveillance  king???)

Shoot for the Moon. Wendy Davis has proven she has the cojones(actually the ovaries/huevos) to take on and take down the status quo and the Powers that BE!


Remember what Malcolm X said : "the only thing power respects is power". Wendy Davis HAS power and so do we.  Hillary is toast - old moldy stale status quo burnt toast.

Wendy is fresh waffles with maple syrup, fresh creamery butter, whipped cream and just picked strawberries.

Plus she's hot! (for the record)! Well she is, and pretty often hot wins big in America)

Originally posted to Seventh Son on Tue Jul 02, 2013 at 07:31 AM PDT.

Also republished by LOL Wut and Trolls.

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