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I haven't posted here in a long-time, because I've been busy rearing a Democratic son.  Shawn, 15, has written a manifesto of sorts, on his own with no prompting, on conservatism that I would like to share with you.  I hope that you will take heart that this is the future of our country, and yes, I am brilliantly proud of him.  Please be supportive in the comments: this is a future Kossack (and by the way, he is white, middle class and agnostic):

Conservatives In America: Who They Are And What They Do

Today, political conservatives are those who favor old-time values and minimal government regulation of business and political practices. They have made themselves look much worse recently by their unpopular actions that they do without the approval of the majority of the United States population. A notable example of this would be when they took out a major part of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 through a recent Supreme Court decision.  

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The conservatives favor policy and laws which are not of benefit to the poor and middle classes, but rather to their own agenda of empowering those already in power, such as major corporations that also donate vast amounts of money to conservative Republican politicians. Due to this, the immensely wealthy have more voting power than everyday people, making a political system closely resembling an oligarchy. This is only one of the ways that right-wing conservatism is connected to political immorality and corruption; another way is how the conservatives in the Republican Party intentionally try to prevent people, who would likely be liberal due to their age, ethnicity, or national background, from voting. This is the central reason for the attack on the Voting Rights Act of 1965, to allow the conservative states, primarily in the southern United States, to implement stricter, more exclusive and inconvenient voting laws, with the sole purpose of preventing our democracy from functioning the right way because that is the only way they can win due to their lack of popularity and support.

The Republican Party is the official conservative Party of the United States; however, some of the most radical conservatives favor the anti-tax and anti-government Tea Party. The Republican Party has different kinds of conservatives, some are fundamentally religious Christians, and some are all about big business, wealth, and unregulated laissez-faire capitalism. Though most conservatives tend to be in favor of each other, and share similar beliefs, sometimes they conflict, leading to confusion and hypocrisy, such as the religious Christian conservatives, who would likely discourage greed, yet stay with the same Party that enriches the rich and impoverishes those in poverty. The conflicts and hypocrisy are two things that make the Republican Party structurally unsound, along with the unpopular actions they take to undermine and alienate women, minorities, young people, the working class, and all those who statistically would favor liberalism over conservatism.

In this day in age, conservatives in the Republican Party constantly attempt to cut funding for social, medical, and environmental programs that are of enormous benefit to the function of society. It is also true that they will claim that they believe that the United States of America cannot afford to spend money on such programs, and that cutting these programs will protect our economy.  However, they have spent, and want to continue to spend, vast sums of money on military defense, which is already quite powerful and secure already, so there is no real need to spend all the money on it, and this proves their excuse invalid. Another priority of the conservatives in and out of the Republican Party is to restrict and prevent immigration of people into the United States. Immigration is what made America the country it is today, and could continue to improve it, yet conservatives wish to restrict it due to a variety of inexcusable reasons, mostly so that their right-wing political beliefs can stay alive as much as possible. They are at a loss, and they know it; they will desperately cling to power and might even be successful at it, and end up hurting all of us dearly. They cling to power, and the measures that they will take when they temporarily regain, it will bring them to a downturn.

(This is me again... So what do you think of my son?)

Originally posted to marjo on Mon Aug 19, 2013 at 06:21 AM PDT.

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