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Sorry for all the LOLs, can't help it, this is too ridiculous to do anything else.

John McCain, the man who expects to be taken seriously even after picking the Wasilla Warblegarbler as his VP has made an absolute idiot of himself yet again.

Article courtesy of Politicususa

You know where to go for teh lols.

As most, if not all of us on The Great Orange Satan know, John McCain was telling anyone who is still listening to him that he was going to counter Putin's op-ed in the NYT with an op-ed in Pravda.

This is where the fun starts................

Pravda knew nothing about it. Boris Komotsky, Pravda’s editor, took to the party’s website to answer, in a piece titled Sen. John McCain wants to answer? saying, “There is only one Pravda in Russia, it is the organ of the Communist Party, and we have heard nothing about the intentions of the Republican senator.”
It turns out that The Cable, Foreign Policy’s website, in its attempt to set up the deal, did not contact Pravda. They contacted, a website which has nothing to do with Pravda or with the Communist Party (Joshua Keating at The Slate calls it “whose content is a kind of cross between WorldNetDaily and the National Enquirer”) instead of, which is where you will find THE Pravda.
Zyuganov says, sure McCain can write something for Pravda. But he has to follow the party line to do so.

    Our answer to McCain is this: if you support the position of the Russian Communist Party on Syria, then we will publish your article.

Oopsie daisy

I think Rachel Maddow said it for all of us....

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