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Everyone remembers how the gunnuts were hooting and tooting about
their huge "victory" in Colorado when they succeeded in recalling two
state senators who supported gun control legislation.

The fact is . . . they didn't win a thing.  The outcome was NOT  a victory for the
gunnuts.  Instead, it was a BIG FAIL ; because:

1.  Colorado still is firmly in Democratic hands . . . governor,
house, senate.

2.  The gun control laws are still on the books and will not be

3.  In the short time the laws have been in effect, 28 criminals have
been prevented from purchasing guns.

Face it, the NRA *LOST**.

Read all about it here in a WashPost opinion piece by recalled Colorado Senator Angela Giron.

Recalled Colorado Sen. Angela Giron: We can beat the gun lobby — we already have

Here are a few excerpts.

. . .

. . .  Gun legislation has stalled in Congress because lawmakers fear the fate I suffered — being targeted, voted out or recalled by extremist political activists because of views on firearms safety that dare challenge the gun lobby. The recall fight
that my colleague, Colorado Senate President John Morse, and I lost
demonstrated that no matter the cost of our political positions, common-sense gun-safety legislation is achievable. Colorado’s newest gun-safety laws have been in effect for months, and the recalls have no bearing on them. The legislation we helped pass proves that the gun lobby can be beaten.

Sen. Morse and I started the 2013 legislative session amid a
constituent outcry to curb gun violence in our communities. The movie
theater shooting in Aurora last summer and the Newtown massacre in
Connecticut had brought guns to the forefront of our agenda. We passed
laws that extended our state’s background-check system to include
private sales, to keep guns out of the hands of criminals; limited
ammunition magazines to 15 rounds; and made sure that domestic abusers
aren’t allowed to buy or keep guns.

Each of these laws is already making Colorado safer. According to the
Colorado Bureau of Investigation, 28 criminals have been denied a
firearm through a private sale in the first eight weeks of the
expanded background-check law. That’s more than four criminals a week,
when we know all too well that it takes only one person with a weapon
to shatter a life, a family, a community.

These proposals were, and still are, supported by an majority of
Colorado voters. But our experience here in Colorado has been that,
while extremist groups have a hard time making their case to
general-election voters, they have far more control in low-turnout
special elections.

. . .

Our story is not the cautionary tale the gun lobby would have you
believe it is. Beneath the disappointment of not starting the 2014
legislative session with our colleagues, I feel a sense of peace and
pride. There is now a counterbalance to the national gun lobby and a
growing base of outspoken supporters. Politicians who have the courage
to do the right thing and stand up to the gun lobby will from now on
have the support of organizations willing to stand with the majority
of Americans who want common-sense gun laws.

. . .

Originally posted to Old Redneck on Sun Sep 22, 2013 at 02:13 PM PDT.

Also republished by Shut Down the NRA, Repeal or Amend the Second Amendment (RASA), Colorado COmmunity, and Firearms Law and Policy.

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