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Townhall screenshot of story,
I was going to go with one of the pervasive GOP civil war threads, but this thread has it all: hating on their favorite boogeyman, their crazy beliefs about Obamacare, and yes, even civil war. And lots and lots and lots of confusion about this thing called "democracy". Weird, coming from these self-proclaimed Constitutional scholars. Head below the fold for the goods!

SEE THE SCAM THAT WAS: Below are the 25 TURNCOAT Republicans TRAITORS Below are the 25 TURNCOAT Republicans TRAITORS that voted WITH HARRY REID AND THE DEMOCRATS for OBAMACARE cloture. Flake and Hatch did not vote. These same 25 joined the 19 who voted against cloture to vote against the final passage, WHEN IT NO LONGER MATTERED because it only required a simple majority to pass. These 25 turncoats own ObamaCare. BE SURE TO VOTE EACH AND EVERY ONE MISCREANTS OUT OF OFFICE :
Lamar Alexander, TN
Kelly Ayotte, NH
John Barasso, WY
Roy Blunt, MO
John Boozman, AR
Richard Burr, NC
Saxby Chambliss, GA (Retiring)
Jeff Chiesa, NJ
Dan Coats, IN
Tom Coburn, OK
Thad Cochran, MS
Susan Collins, ME
Bob Corker, TN
John Cornyn, TX
Deb Fischer, NE
Lindsey Graham, SC
John Hoeven, ND
Johnny Isakson, GA
Mike Johanns, NE
Ron Johnson, WI
Mark Kirk, IL
John McCain, AZ
Mitch McConnel, KY
Lisa Murkowski,
John Thune, SD
Roger Wicker, MS

YES YES YES YES! Seriously, vote all of them out of office.


I am going to enjoy watching Obama's rictus grin fade to sheer horror when he's actually challenged by someone with the guts to hold him accountable for EVERYTHING he has done to this country--the LIES he has told, the fraud that is his entire character, the elitist mentality he wears as a vestment on a daily basis. Benghazi, anyone?
Will it be Ted Cruz? Please let it be "Ted I won't Study With Anyone From a Lesser Ivy Cruz!" He'll show Obama what a real elitist looks like!
I have been reading a lot of the trolls post. Most seem to be thinking that because Obama was elected then we on the losing side of this election and are too stupid to know what a POTUS is and how he should be listened to and believed in because that is how government works.

A free republic and government does not work that way.

If trolls believe that a POTUS should be listened to and believed then there are other places in the world that they are free to go. By free, I mean "from" here "to" there. Don't count on being able to change your mind in the new country and come back here. That is what freedom is not.

You actually think people give a rat's ass whether you listen to Obama? Just don't tank the world economy during your hissy fit, bro.
What do people expect from a neighborhood organizer so called president elected who has never run anything in his life except his mouth. But the liberal saying is. What difference does it make at this point. Hilary Rodman Clinton. and the beat does on.
If only Obama had some experience running something or other!
I can't believe what a mean nasty jerk we have in the White House.

He doesn't care about those who are suffering because of his horrible law.

He needs to go the way of Jimmuh Carter.

The sooner the better.

Who is suffering from this law? This guy, maybe?
This moronic unAmerican jerk is going to tell US how democracy is supposed to work? Shoving an unpopular bill down America's throat in the dead of night without any support from the opposition party? That is democracy?
Um, yeah. The majority party should pass whatever it wants. Even if it's a Heritage-penned idea first adopted by the GOP's 2012 nominee. That is exactly what Democracy is. What did you think it was?

And that "dead of night" was the longest 14-month night in history.

NOTHING in federal law is EVER a "Done Deal." ANY federal law can be repealed by Congress or declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court of the United States at any time. With this statement Mr Obama declares his own ignorance of the federal legislative process. What an idiot we have in the White House.
Gosh, I hope the Supreme Court doesn't rule on this law at some point in time.
It is simple - Obamacare has no money. The ONLY way Obamacare CAN get funded is if the Republican Majority House votes to fund it.


Um, already funded. Hence the defunding gambit. That makes the "PERIOD" extra funny.
This isn’t how "democracy's supposed to work,” he (Obama) said . How is it supposed to work? Are we to listen to and blindly follow a corrupt, sail-eared, Marxist empty-suited racist just because he got elected by a bunch of freeloaders, moochers and other assorted parasites on the taxpayer? Methinks not!
No one cares if you follow. That's what losing elections in a democracy means.
Hey, Obozo ! DOMA is a done deal. Current immigration law is a done deal. Blocking or intimidating voters is against the law of the land. But you don't enforce any of those laws. Why should a law passed with only Democrat votes in the early morning hours, with dozens of examples of vote-buying and graft (like Mary Landrieu, and the Dems who opposed funding abortion), be treated with any respect. Americans hate Obamacare, and you will have to live with that fact long after you are in the dustbin of history.. As it dies a miserable death, making a shambles of the US medical care industry, your name will always be associated with failure.
You didn't get the news about DOMA?
So where is the Republican Presser to respond to this jerk, BHO? There never is one because Republicans are bunch of cowards! I constantly hear nastiness from Democrats, all the time. Every time I turn around I hear disparaging remarks about Republicans or ordinary Americans who want less government. And Republicans stand silent, never on the offensive, always cowering, afraid to speak up.
If only someone staged a fake all-night filibuster or something, but NO REPUBLICANS WILL!
This latest and CRITICAL cloture vote was A SCAM......WHICH EVERYONE IN THE SENATE........both Democrat and Republican KNEW ALL ABOUT. Nothing but TREACHERY.....whereby the language for defunding was present at the time of the CLOTURE VOTE but then immediately REMOVED by REID .........A move which on the SECOND vote against such removal, EVERYONE, Democrat and Republican who WANTED Obamacare knew very well would go through.


Damn that Cruz for making the Senate take sham votes everyone knew would lose except moron teabaggers!
all that matters to the diktator is that he can refer to a law that is referred to by his name and then he can look in his mirror and kiss hisself while telling hisself how beloved he is
It's called the Affordable Care Act. Republicans called it "Obamacare". And that's now ... bad?
ever want to just go shout into that boob's face that he's NOT God's gift to America and we DON'T want to listen to his CR@P???
Earplugs would do the trick.
What's "done" is that the lunatic-left d-cRAT socialist extremists OWN OBOZOCARE 100% - even with the support they get from the despicable RINOS.
Republicans, having made it clear they oppose it should now just let it happen and fail of its own accord.
If we repeal it too son or defund it, then the idiot would tell his bots (and his bots would repeat forever) how great it would have been if republicans hadn't killed it.
Give it some more rope.
Obama has made if 'perfectly clear'. All his cronies, congress, and the money'd interests have all got their exemptions, so "on with the parade".

They camped out to be in line for the new I-phone, so I suppose the camping line will be miles long to sign up for taxes, co-pays and deductables unlike anything you have seen, wexcept for the terrorists lining up to turn in their weapons under the new UN arms treaty that John Kerry signed into law for the american people.

If this were a comedy club act, it would sell out every night.

John Kerry signed a treaty into law? You really should read that Constitution you pretend to have read.
Sorry barry, you haven't seen the cibil disobefience part of your plan yet. Get ready to cry like the little boy you are.
Oh noes, cibil disobefience?
Barack Obama was raised with the belief that the Constitution and Bill of Rights stood between the Common Man and Social Justice and that those Documents were created to hold down the people and keep them subservient.

Now Obama is ignoring/circumventing both the Constitution and Bill of Rights in order to give 'Power to the People' by controlling them.



All of that, IN KENYA!
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