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Seizing Control of U.S. Government, GOP Mad Cappers Have World Worried

Bracing the nation for an uncertain future, President Obama faced the cameras and wisely warned Wall Street and international investors; events happening in Washington this time is crazy, dangerous and all should be very worried.

What President Obama failed to tell the world, is that dangerously crazy legislators have seized control of the U.S. government, and have no intentions of releasing it's mad man's grip until they've strangled the life out of the economy.

On the other hand, perhaps the administration was wise not to explain the true root of the nation's state of affairs for fear of spooking the global markets prematurely. Once the world is convinced America has gone nutz, this country may never be trusted again.

Still, honesty is the best policy. And besides, its not as though the world don't have more than enough evidence to realize something is very wrong with a significant percentage of those "serving in the U.S. Congress.

When a U.S. Senator, (Ted Cruz) educated at one of the most prestigious institutions in the world will stand on the floor of the United States Senate reciting Green Eggs and Ham for a purpose only making sense to himself, the sane amongst us would say that's a bit strange.

When a group of U.S. House Representatives stand with and in of support that strangeness, the sane amongst would say that's unmitigated lunacy. When that same group persist in bloodying its collective head bashing it against Obama-Care, the sane amongst would say that's mass hysteria.

Crazy Legislators Now Control Fate of America

While it can be amusing to watch certifiable fools make complete asses of themselves, it is time to figure out a way out of this foolishness. But before that can be addressed, the question of how these newly minted asses every got elected to national office in the first place.

As far as we know, there is no phycological examination one has to submit to before being cleared to assume the daunting responsibilities of political office. This is a mistake. The nation is routinely allowing potentially mental marginals access to classified documents, to vote on critical pieces of legislation, while in some cases, actually making life and death decisions. This is ludicrous!

Although, in all honesty some of those currently serving, as well as those from the recent past, needn't be examined to determine their mental and intellectual fitness for duty. Take House Representative Michele Bachmann for example. If you can't see her obvious phycological disabilities, you might want to seek immediate attention for yourself. No Really!

Take former House Representative Anthony Weiner as another prime example. A man who loved himself so much, he was compelled to expose his "wiener" to the world in his spare time. A man so delusional, he actually convinced himself he could be elected mayor of the nation's most populated city after being exposed as a serial sexter. This is madness!

Personally, as a reformed H.S. Bully, I had a particular penchant for sounding the alarm when I'd become aware of someone's mental maladies. If anybody showed the slightest signs of being a "screwy" I was the one who felt duty bound to blow the whistle.

Now that I've finally matured after years of resistance, I find myself right back where I started; happily calling crazies crazy for the good and safety of the sane amongst us. For God's sake, if you see something crazy, say something crazy!

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