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A short excerpt of her comments courtesy of Mother Jones (though I urge you to listen to the full video):


  When was the last time the anarchy gang called for regulators to go easier on companies that put lead in children's toys? Or for inspectors to stop checking whether the meat in our grocery stores is crawling with deadly bacteria? Or for the FDA to ignore whether morning sickness drugs will cause horrible deformities in our babies?

    When? Never. In fact, whenever the anarchists make any headway in their quest and cause damage to our government, the opposite happens.


    Why do they do this? Because the boogeyman government in the alternate universe of their fiery political speeches isn't real. It doesn't exist.

    Government is real, and it has three basic functions:
        1.    Provide for the national defense.
        2.    Put rules in place rules, like traffic lights and bank regulations, that are fair and transparent.
        3.    Build the things together that none of us can build alone – roads, schools, power grids – the things that give everyone a chance to succeed.


    We are alive, we are healthier, we are stronger because of government.

Anyone need to hear more?  I didn't think so.

Ps.  Full transcript of her remarks can be found in this diary which unfortunately did not make the rec list.  I encourage you to recommend it.  My bad.  Apologies to all, this refers to a different Warren video, though it is still worth viewing and reading.

UPDATE:  Full, unedited video of her remarks can be found here (h/t to Icarus Diving):

Full Transcript link:

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