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I was just perusing the Democratic Underground site’s most rec’d  and came across a gem. Turns out  this poster’s grandfather hated Obama. It is evident that he drank the Right Wing Cool Aid for some time.

What we said would happen is happening. From Republican operatives deep within the party to your every day Republican citizens are starting to see that they have been had by their party.

My Grandfather, Who Has Hated President Obama, Just Called...

He asked if I was watching the President speak on television today....
I said "I am, and I am agreeing with him 100% (I like to rib him a little bit )
He said, "Wait, let me finish...I can't believe I'm going to say this, but I am agreeing with him too....these Republicans who won't raise the debt ceiling are assholes!"
He then went on to say how he found out today that under Obamacare, he and my grandmother are going to save $63 a month on their premiums!
We may be at a turning point here!

My Grandfather, Who Has Hated President Obama, Just Called... - Democratic Underground

Republicans are hyperventilating and seeming evermore erratic because of two reasons. Their sane followers are about to find out the truth and will likely abandon them. Secondly they must codify as much of their misguided policies while they have enough power to hold the country hostage. After all, going forward they will not be more than a nuisance minority presence.

PennsylvaniMatt’s grandfather hated Obama. After hearing and living the truth, he hates no more.

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