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I don't have a lot for this week, but it looks like you do.

Let's get to it then - first up we have Pamena with the Team RubiPam report:

Team RubiPam report:

A good week and a frustrating week for us at the same time. Last Thursday, rather than extending our lockout, we did a fresh start on Siege of Orgrimmar, to get some loots and gear. It was very satisfying to rip through the first 6 bosses and kill all of them in one night - we had maybe 3 wipes total on all 6, so we definitely have them on farm. So, Monday night, it was Dark Shaman time - I didn't know what to expect, but Rubidium confidently expected us to wipe all evening on them. Our biggest issue, though, turned out to be the absence of one of our top damage dealers, Joravic (turned out his power was out all evening) - we waited for a while because we didn't know what had happened to him, then grabbed Tonyharrison (spelled with special characters I don't know how to type) who happened to be on at the time, to fill in as DPS. Tony usually is a healer on his shaman, but was kind enough to help us out at dps. We did in fact wipe all evening, but it was an excellent training session - and we came incredibly close to getting it done on one pull. I don't think I've had a closer call in a raid than the 0.6% health remaining on the boss when we wiped on our best pull on DS. So, alas, we did not get it done Monday - Thursday Mageartin is out but Vanillapie is able to come in and sub for him, so we are hopeful we can get the Shaman tonight and then see what we can do with General Nazgrim.

Rubidium will be out for a few raid nights over the next two weeks, so our progress will slow down - we may do flex on the nights he's gone and bring in a couple more guildies, or we may take some nights off. We've done very well this tier, though and I'm confident we will get to Garrosh long before the last night of this raid tier.

Also, Pamena gives us the Saturday Night Massacre report:
Saturday Night Massacre report

Saturday Night Massacre this week was, by popular demand, a guild LFR attempt at the last wing of Siege of Orgrimmar. I personally was not in a huge hurry to get in and see the end of the story of Garrosh Hellscream's disastrous reign as Warchief of the Horde, as I think this raid tier is going to have to last us until at least April, probably longer, and I don't want to get fed up with it the way we all did with Dragon Soul. However, the tide of popular opinion was too strong, so into SoO last wing 13 of us went - 1 tank, 5 dps and all 6 healers. We had very few problems with Siegemaster Blackfuse, and the Klaxxi were not much more difficult, but then we hit the "trash" before Garrosh. O.M.G. It was like something out of a horror movie - they kept spawning and pursuing us, and I think we wiped maybe 3 times before we finally got a strategy down to kill them before they killed us. We were extremely fortunate to get a second tank who knew the Garrosh fight well and, more importantly, was willing to give us pretty exact instructions on what to do. Jantuk did a fabulous job tanking it, but it really helped to have someone who knew it and who took the time to explain it in some detail. Several people in the guild earlier in the week had done this fight and not gotten Garrosh down until 6 to 8 stacks of determination (meaning 6 to 8 wipes) - we did it in 3 pulls, so with only 2 stacks of determination. So yay for guild LFR, it's definitely the way to go the first week a wing is open - and thanks to Mistybrew of Lightbringer server (I think that was her/his name), our wonderful second tank.

I am still hoping to develop some activities for SNM that more of the guild membership can join in on - Nina's idea of a naked race thru Kara, as organized teams, sounds like enormous fun, but we need to plan a bit for that in advance so I don't know if we can do that this Saturday. I'm still working on my "Magical Mystery Raid and Lore Tour of Vanilla and BC" idea, but I probably won't have anything concrete until maybe December or so. Any ideas for future SNM's are most welcome!

Flex Raids Galore!

I just wanted to put a quick note here about all the flex raiding activity that is bubbling away now - Nina's Tuesday raids are always full (I assume she'll report on this week's but it was great), so Tvath and Jantuk organized a Sunday at 5PM flex raid which went extremely well. In addition, Brumal is trying to organize a late night/West Coast time flex raid which he has currently scheduled for Thursday night at 11, after Team RP is done so some of our members can go if they want. It's great to see people stepping up to the plate and organizing these opportunities for more folks to get in on something that's a good bit more difficult than LFR, and is correspondingly more rewarding and fun! As Tvath always says, Best Guild Ever!

Here's Ninotchka with the Team Kaels and Tuesday Flex reports:
Team Kaels progress is pretty much identical to last week. Our beloved Chanta is in the hospital with a non-life-threatening ailment (so get better soon, hear?) so we've been bringing in much appreciated help from the other raid groups to keep our farm content going. Thank you so much to everyone who has stepped in to help! We have high hopes that she'll be sprung soon and we can interrupt our regular murderous sprees through Orgrimmar in order to get back on our regular murderous sprees through Orgrimmar. Um, or something like that.

Tuesday night flexorama had a little trouble killing Malkorok this week, with many connection issues and general miscommunication issues, so after we made him dead I took the raid through a memory tour of the first wing of the raid, where we blasted through content and a bunch of people won purples that they already had. Oh well, it was a great confidence booster for me at least and some people did get upgrades.

Here's the Team Z report from Tvath:
Hooray! Team Z entered its third week of battling Tortos and finally put the big turtle to rest! Thanks to Tonyharrison for subbing in with us. Thanks also to Lynera, who was a last-minute addition when poor Bipolarbear's Internet connection died a horrible death halfway through the raid.

After Tortos, the seven-headed monster Megaera was smooth sailing. (Almost. But we won't discuss the accidental pull I caused by pressing the Battle Horn button instead of the Noodle Cart one.)

Along the way we also ran into Rocky Horror, which was just a step to the right off our path to Megaera. This rare mob dropped a little gold in our pockets and gave some of us a flashback to moments in our pasts best not discussed in front of the youngsters.

Next up is the giant bird Ji'kun, which will require us to organize nest teams that fly around a giant chamber while she tries to push us off a platform. Yes, it's pronounced Chicken. We're bringing barbecue sauce.

Special thanks to Team Kaels, who brought Brumal and my alt Menrva along on a Downfall flex raid. It was a great chance to see these mechanics at a more intense level (and with much more competent companions) than you'd get on LFR.

And finally, the Flex Followup from Tvath:
Flex Followup:

Nina's Flex-o-rama filled up on Tuesday night, so Jantuk and I led a followup for those who were not sick of flex raiding or didn't get a chance to be there for the first one. We downed the first two bosses in Gates of Retribution, stopping short of tackling the Dark Shamans in the center of Orgrimmar because that fight is a dog's breakfast.

One of the interesting things about flex is that you can invite cross-server. Since we had some room in the Sunday afternoon raid, I took the opportunity to try it out, inviting Krakhorn, my brother-in-law's character on Sisters of Elune. It was a positive experience for all -- we got some decent damage from his druid, and he got some loot! This is worth trying if you know someone on another server that you'd like to raid with, or that you think might enjoy the company of your awesome guildies.

That's all I have this week. Happy Hallow's End - for the Horde!
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