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The truth has never been told about the assassination of John Kennedy.  

Kennedy was killed by the mob and anti Castro Cubans in cooperation with rogue elements of the CIA.

As he remarked, Lee Harvey Oswald was a patsy -- the fall guy.

The Warren Commission -- under the tutelage of the FBI -- whitewashed the investigation for the benefit of Johnson and the government agencies involved.  

J. Edna Hoover despised the Kennedys.  He knew an attempt was planned the 22nd and did not inform Kennedy or the Secret Service.  He made every effort afterwords to gloss over the true facts and tilt the investigation to the Oswald story.

The Dallas police , an adjunct arm of the Ku Klux Klan, hated Kennedy with a passion as did the oil titans of Dallas (H.L. Hunt, Clint Murchinson).  They succeeded in completely botching the investigation, losing evidence, ignoring evidence, destroying evidence.

And… Richard Nixon, like an ugly buzzard, took off a short while before JFK was killed. According to one account he met with Oswald before the assassination.

Where were you November 22 1963?  Wil you ever foget where you were when you heard that Kennedy had been shot?  Five year olds remember.  Would it be shoocking to you if you knew of someone of age who didn’t know where he was?
How about Geroge Bush Sr?  Can’t remember?  How about E. Howard Hunt?  Couldn’t remember.  How about Richard Milhous Nixon?  Was a little foggy about it.  Actually was in Dallas, but flew out of town before the bullets struck.  

George Bush Sr.  George Bush Sr.  Mark Lane later proved in court that Hunt was in Dallas (Plausible Denial ).  The government knew where Bush was.  On November 23 (Hoover said in  a memo) Special Agent W.T. Forsyth and Captain William Edwards of the Defense Intelligence Agency briefed Mr George Bush of the Central Intelligence Agency about potential problems related to the assassination.  So much for Bush.  By now everyone know that he was a spook from just about the time he left Yale and that Zapata Oil was probably a CIA cover.

Nonetheless Bush and his family of Snopses is of less interest here than the killing.

You don’t have to be stupid to believe in the Warren Commission Report.  But it helps.  Being extremely gullible would help too.  Even Warren didn’t believe it.  And if you bother to read even the most casual books on the event you cannot but be amazed and astounded by the incompetence and blindness of the investigation:  Witnesses not interviewed.  Witnesses bullied and coached to tell the story the Commission wanted to hear.  Evidence not considered.  Evidence discounted.  Evidence distorted.  Blind pursuit of the Oswald guilt story.  Don’t bother us with other possibilities.  

Here are some things you have to believe if you are going to believe that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone to kill Jack Kennedy:
 You have to believe that Oswald was an expert marksman.  Not.  Oswald was a failure as a rifleman.  He shot for the record a number of times while he was a Marine failing to qualify until his final effort where he scored about  a C level record.
You have to believe that the piece of shit that was the Mannlicher-Carcano rifle Oswald bought mail order ($12.88?) was an an efficient weapon.  Not.  Army marksmen were unable to make it fire accurately.
you have to believe that a semi-competent (if not incompetent) rifleman (Oswald) could fire three highly accurate shots in 5 seconds.  Experienced marksmen were unable to do this.
You have to believe that the FBI conducted a competent and unprejudiced investigation. Not.  J. Edna Hoover hated the Kennedy’s passionately.  He knew that Kennedy intended to put him out to pasture after the re-election.  This would have been worse than death for Hoover.  He assiduously gathered black mail material on all (especially JFK) Washington players and evidently used it.  JFK gave him plenty of material.  (Cf Fiddle and Faddle.)
You have to believe that Johnson was a disinterested party.  Not.  Johnson was a strange bedfellow of Hoover and put Hoover in charge of the investigation, knowing that Hoover had already determined that a single assassin case would be presented.  The case for Johnson’s involvement  in the plot has never been developed, but it is known that Johnson lied about his actions when the shooting started.
You have to believe that police and intelligence forces in Dallas were unprejudiced and operating in the President’s interests.  Someone made the comment that if you wanted to get on the police force that it would be a good idea to belong to either the KKK or the John Birch society.  The evidence that disappeared (arrest records for Nov 22); the evidence not pursued; the witnesses intimidated  ignored or bullied; the suspects not even booked (the three “tramps”);  all argue that official law enforcement was at the behest of the right wing nuts in Dallas.
You have to believe that the pitiful faked photot of Oswald with the rifle was authentic.  In the age of Photoshop it is laughable.
There are about thirty other things you would have to believe before breakfast.  Or a least six impossible things before breakfast.

Who killed cock-robin?  You did it in your Brooks Bros suit...

Who killed Jack Kennedy?  Not Lee Oswald with his pitiful excuse for a rifle.  

It was accomplished by the Mob and rogue  CIA Cuban section members.  Hunt and coplotters.

Why did they do it?  Because Kennedy double-crossed them.  In order to nail down Chicago in the 1960 election Joe Kennedy told Moe Giancana that Jack would support the Bay of Pigs invasion and return Cuba to their control.  The mob delivered the votes, but Kennedy declined to support the invasion at the last moment.  The mob considered itself double-crossed.  Anti  Castro Cubans were beyond rabid about the lack of air support and US invasion forces at the Bay of Pigs.

The  mob  was already offended because of Bobby Kennedy’s pursuit of them.

They were aided by members of the CIA’s cuba section -- likewise pissed off about the Bay of Pigs failure, and in general  embroiled in hatred of Kennedy -- why? --Kennedy was out to enable radical change -- in everything from the national currency (estranging the Federal Reserve) to Viet Nam (alienating the Military) to petroleum taxation.  Howard Hunt was the leader of this group.  There is a picture of him taken in Dealey Plaza just after the assasination -- one of the three so-called tramps.

It is no great mystery.  The great mystery is why the federal government has never been held to account.

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