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In my previous diary documenting Glenn Greenwald's libertarian ratfucking of the Democratic parties Left wing, many of his defenders tried to deflect attention away from his true agenda and focus on his NSA "revelations".I've decided to take them up on the challenge and expose their hero on their terms.This diary will prove that Greenwald is a hypocritical agenda driven fraud.
And now we’ve learned through former FBI translator and whistleblower Sibel Edmonds that Pierre Omidyar’s PayPal also provided customer data to NSA. As has been widely reported, Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras have partnered with Omidyar to form a $250 million news outfit.
Why has Greenwald never revealed this? (PayPal story)Omidyar's connection with the NSA was accessible within the documents Snowden stole and leaked to Greenwald / Poitras.They both used their involvement in this story to gain international fame and land a lucrative position in Omidyar's new media venture.It's OBVIOUS they concealed this information because it would make them look bad.
An undisclosed retired NSA official apparently contacted Edmonds, who runs a news site called Boiling Frogs Post, and tipped her off that the documents stolen by Edward Snowden and handed over to Greenwald and Poitras contain information about PayPal’s cooperation with NSA surveillance and data collection.
...he never once disclosed or acknowledged his relationships with these NSA-related companies?
For someone who routinely hectors others, demanding unequivocal ideological purity, Greenwald seems to be knee-deep in lucrative business relationships that run contrary to his lofty standards, and which also represent obvious conflicts of interest.
Indeed, Greenwald has accused anyone who merely voices an opinion about a few of the positive benefits of NSA signals intelligence and data collection — or how the law permits it and oversight supervises it — of being drooling shills for the vast and pernicious security state.
But meanwhile he himself is taking money, a lot of money, from corporate entities who reportedly operate in direct conjunction with NSA SIGINT operations he claims to loathe.

I don't think I need to add much more than that.If Greenwald's clownish hypocrisy and lucrative hustle was isolated to the Libertarian far right (his true home) then I would simply mock him...but not pay him much attention. The fact is that FOR YEARS he has been allowed to embed himself within the progressive media/political circles and has attempted to undermine it from within. He has been viewed as a LEADER for a large portion of the libertarian left. I and many others REFUSE to allow him to poison the roots of the progressive tree for his own personal advancement and the political advancement of the Koch/Paul Libertarian agenda.

Even if you are outraged by the revelations in these NSA stories, you have to find it troubling that Greenwald / Poitras would conceal information that exposes their grotesque conflict of interest.They are financially benefiting from that lack of disclosure.


Do you find Greenwald / Poitras to be hypocrits for concealing this information?

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