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Those right wingers and their knee-slapping sense of humor. Good ol' boy Ted Cruz held what he billed as a Freedom Rally this past Saturday, wherein conservative blogger and jackass extraordinaire Bill Whittle fired up the crowd by hilariously advocating the murder of people driving cars bearing California license plates. Raw Story has posted a video of Whittle making these funny, funny jokes while those in the audience responded with guffaws and applause.

I’ve said this several times in Texas before and I’ve said it to Mr. Cruz as a representative of the Texas government, I’ve said it to Gov. (Rick) Perry directly, and now I’m going to say it to you as individual Texas citizens. You will see a lot of cars coming west heading east on Interstate 10, and they’re going to have California license plates on them. Now, if you see these cars pull into rest areas or hotels or restaurants, that’s fine; wave goodbye, make sure they go out on the Louisiana end. But if you see them pull off into residential areas, you need to open fire on these vehicles immediately. Immediately. Not with 9mm or AR rounds; you need to put mortars on those things, you cannot take any chances. What’s the worst that could happen to you? I mean, honestly, this is Texas, right? You’ll stand in front of a Texas judge, (and) he’ll say, ‘Did you shoot up that car full of Californians?’ You’ll say yes, he’ll say why. You’ll say, ‘Well, your honor, they needed killing.’ And he’ll say, ‘We’ll strike a medal in your honor,’ and off you go.
He went on to suggest that California refugees will be flooding into Texas after the economy collapses or we are thrown into a “zombie apocalypse.”
I know many of you kindhearted Texans will walk up to some of those starving California families, and maybe you’ll offer a crust of bread to some of those hopeless-looking California children, and the California parents will say "thank you, but is this crust of bread gluten-free?" Because, you know, Enoch and Mia have an intolerance and they’re indigo aura children, and they really don’t react well to gluten."

I’ll be 500 yards off to the side with a long-handled spade and my AR 15, and I’m going to say, "Texans, I can shoot and I can shovel, please let me in." I promise I’ll do more good than harm."

Oh, Bill, please stop. I'm getting a stitch in my side. That there is comedy gold.

What is it with these wingnuts and their love of violent imagery. Whether they are being tongue-in-cheek about a given matter or seriously discussing an issue, the notion that shooting and killing people who they disagree with politically is always present. And it's always great for a laugh.

Originally posted to Steven Payne on Mon Jan 13, 2014 at 01:46 PM PST.

Also republished by Turning Texas: Election Digest.

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