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With the question, why was Dawn Zimmer told what she had to do, but Mayor Sokolich says he wasn't, he's confused, doesn't know why but still knew enough to ask for the assurance his city wouldn't suffer any more reprisals;

And the question of Maddow, no one knows why;

And the revelation, in an off hand way, not like a real story but yeah, that's true, that General Samson, that's what he likes to be called, the General, was the firm for the one's that were to finance it;

So it wasn't that they didn't give his client the business, but;

That meeting was Friday;

And, the lanes didn't stay closed Friday;

And The General is said to be ready to punish a certain fellow Port Authority guy on the other side of the river because the lanes opened up too soon;

So the lanes opening too soon was the big deal to the General;

Isn't it obvious?

The General wanted a better deal for his client?  And they could use the lanes being closed as a way to say the project is worth less, and all very last moment, and lots is on the line if the contract isn't signed then and there, and Mayor Sokolich hasn't gotten to the bottom of it yet, so he can't promise that it won't happen again;

He'd have to have given them a better deal?  

And isn't that the tie in to Hoboken? They could have done the development with her, she wanted it, just not that way, that cheap, that disconnected to the needs of Hoboken, but the General wanted a better deal for his client?

Then of course they wouldn't tell ahead of time, this wasn't a warning situation, give me a good deal or your city sinks in the next big storm, it was a setting up a trap situation, some kind of squeeze sort of thing, not a shake down, even creepier.

This is all speculative.

Did I get it?  

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  •  I have a different theory: (6+ / 0-)
    With the question, why was Dawn Zimmer told what she had to do, but Mayor Sokolich says he wasn't . . .
    Mayor Zimmer said on Steve Kornacki's show this weekend that she was the first Democratic Mayor in New Jersey to endorse Christie, and always had a cooperative relationship with his team.

    They spoke with her frankly because they figured she was loyal and understood how they worked. The Christie insiders just figured that kind of quid-pro-quo is how Jersey works. They never expected a friend like Zimmer to turn on them - they thought she just needed a couple of strong shoves and she'd play ball.

    "Every man has a right to utter what he thinks truth" Samuel Johnson

    by Brecht on Mon Jan 20, 2014 at 09:03:42 PM PST

    •  That was my understanding as well (4+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      Brecht, jamess, anna shane, poco

      I think if Sokolich had endorsed, it would have gone down a bit differently.

      •  I think it's money (2+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:
        Brecht, poco

        and a deal. This seems more like Samson's wish, he got huffy at the new york side and he vowed revenge.  Some other guy says that his firm doesn't represent the finance guys who were signing the contract on that Friday, when Samson was angry that the lanes weren't still closed.  I am pretty sure that I did hear that, but if he doesn't, then the lane closing could have derailed the financing, it is worth a lot less if they're locked in with no easy way out.  

    •  or (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      because she didn't get the hints and they thought it was just because she was stupid, so she had to have things spelled out? They'd been pushing for six months, got the port authority to pay for an engineering study that, magically, said that only Rockefeller property should be designated for highest redevelopment funds. That's Hoboken's money, if they give all redevelopment funds to one company, not much left for anything else.
      Good call, thanks.  

  •  All mixed up (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    Your thoughts are as mixed up as your writing.

    Or, vice versa.

    The Hoboken deal was for Port Authority Chairman Samson's law firm's client, The Rockerfeller Group.

    The Fort Lee deal was actually put together by a developer that is not a Christie BFF, Tucker Development, of Chicago.  Financing was close to being finalized when the bridge lanes were shut.  The Fort Lee development, Harbor Lights, is very close to these toll lanes and depends on them for access to the bridge, a big drawing card for future tenants.  Speculation is that if the financing for Tucker fell through, another developer, Silverstein Properties, a Samson client, would get the property.

    Will we ever stop calling an Attorney General, "General?"  They are not a general.  They are an attorney general.

    •  even Christie corrected himself (0+ / 0-)

      at the news conference, he said mr. and then corrected to general. They all call him general.

      I heard someone say on MSNBC that his law firm represents the client that did the financing.  If it isn't true, then it could have been to derail it altogether?  

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