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I just want to make it clear that this Fort Hood thing is really sad. Super duper extra sad, blah blah blah. Just terrible.

Having inoculated myself against any possible accusation that I am in any way insensitive to, or in denial of, the problem of gun violence, I'd like to offer my "outside the box" solution.

People need to stop getting in the way of bullets.

This is a reality-based community, right? Well here's the reality: human flesh is terrible at stopping bullets. I could show you pictures. If you decide to put your flesh in front of a bullet that's traveling through the air at something like 600 mph, I can't be responsible for what might happen to you. You could even die, I am told.

But for some reason, people keep putting themselves in front of bullets. These people ("victims" is what the activist media calls them) are often wearing no form of protection, Kevlar or otherwise, to mitigate the side effects of ABC (Airborne Bullet Contact). And sometimes, those unprotected people just stand there as bullets pass near or even through them. As irrational as that sounds, the behavior is prevalent.

In a society where bullets are occasionally known to fly, does that sound like a safe practice to you?

My proposed solution is so simple that it's hard to understand why it hasn't been proposed yet. I call it "get the fuck out of the way."

Caught in a crossfire in a mall?

Get the fuck out of the way.

Some whackjob shooter walks into your kid's school with a sniper rifle and body armor?

Get the fuck out of the way.

Witness in a mob trial?

Be on the lookout for hit-men and if you see one?

Take some personal responsibility, goddammit, and get the fuck out of the way.

If more people got the fuck out of the way, less people would become "victims." More importantly, bullets would harmlessly embed themselves in inanimate objects. Evidence of the merits of this solution would be visible everywhere in the public square as bullet holes in walls and windows. "Freedom holes" might be a good name for these.

Anyway, I think I've given you all something to think about today. You're welcome.

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