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Michele Leonhart is at it again with her lies. She is trying on the old Republican party tactic of spouting bald-faced lies and hoping the shit sticks to the wall via repetition of the lies. But most people outside the conservative bubble need something called "evidence" to support outrageous claims.

Michele Leonhart should be fired by President Obama but he isn't likely to do that, even though she's a bald-faced liar using right-wing propaganda tactics.

Ms Leonhart, the George W. Bush-nominated head of the DEA, who publicly criticized her boss, President Obama, for saying pot is less harmful than alcohol, decided she needed to try on this Republican Party tactic because a Washington Post article came out showing the opposite to be true: cartels are suffering because of legalization.

That's the same reason Republicans lie about ACA/Obamacare. They claimed there would be Obamacare death panels when the truth is that Republican Medicaid obstruction resulted in deaths of Americans: Republican politicians sitting in their legislative buildings are the real death panels.

The same applies with Harm Reduction and legalization: when you take away the profits from cartels and police departments (at least the ill-gotten property-seizure way), fewer regular people around the world suffer at their hands.

Why is Ms Leonhart saying that legalization is supposedly benefitting drug cartels, who will supposedly undercut the rapidly-falling legal weed prices, despite evidence to the contrary?

Panic. That's why.

Because legal cannabis is proceeding without anything different happening to society than if it were illegal, except that it is taking away profits from cartels and police departments.

Thus the panic.

Americans are winning the fight against the fascist conservatives in America and throughout the world and they HATE that.


They can't let us win any ground... or else...

This former patrol-cop-turned-conservative-DEA-drug-warrior is lying because that's all these fascist thugs have left.

She's desperately trying to keep her morally-bankrupt agency relevant because she knows that the DEA and police departments will have to stop their corrupt seizure tactics and get money from government procurement the old-fashioned way, which equates to less money and less militarization of police departments, and most-importantly, less money for the industries that profit off the Drug War, including cartels.

Yep. Evidence shows that is exactly what's happening to drug cartels and it doesn't take a genius to realize that all the ill-gotten money flowing to police departments will also drop: just see CO and WA for evidence of that. But with legalization, government makes up that lost money with taxes on the drugs that people are going to use anyway, legal or not!

But no, the drug warriors are panicking and trying to create more false narratives to keep the gravy train rolling. They are lying through their teeth because that is what conservatives do when they have bankrupted ideas and falling profits:

Last week, Michele Leonhart, the head of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration and a prominent critic of recreational marijuana in Colorado and Washington, made headlines when she suggested that marijuana legalization efforts could create new money-making opportunities for Mexico’s illegal cannabis industry.

However much legal weed costs in Washington and Colorado, “criminal organizations are ready to come in and sell cheaper," she said at a meeting of the House Appropriations Committee in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday.

It was an arresting claim, one that opponents of pot reform are likely to repeat. But Leonhart didn’t provide any evidence to support it, and a recent report from The Washington Post tells a different story.

The recent report discrediting Ms Leonhart:
The surge of cheap heroin spreading in $4 hits across rural America can be traced back to the remote valleys of the northern Sierra Madre.

With the wholesale price of marijuana falling — driven in part by decriminalization in sections of the United States — Mexican drug farmers are turning away from cannabis and filling their fields with opium poppies.

Michele Leonhart is desperately trying to keep the Drug Inquisition-gravy train rolling and the deplorable police practices of confiscating property from Drug War suspects. We've all heard the reports of rampant abuse by police departments, particularly in red states. Taking kids away from their parents for a joint etc.

Do we really want to live with this fascist abomination that is the Drug War anymore? Because certain industries make money off it (police, prison industrial complex, lawyers)?


Originally posted to gnosticator on Thu Apr 10, 2014 at 09:36 AM PDT.

Also republished by Police Accountability Group and DKos Cannabis Law and Drug War Reform.

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