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From the Guardian:
A strike at a Chinese factory that manufactures shoes for Adidas and Nike has spread to a sister factory in a neighbouring province, as thousands of workers gathered to protest against what they said were unfair pay and benefits.

About 2,000 workers clocked in on Monday, but did not work, at the Yue Yuen factory complex in Jiangxi province, southern China, joining at least 10,000 employees at another Yue Yuen factory complex in Dongguan, Guangdong province, who have been on strike since 14 April.

Up to 30,000 employees have stopped working in the strike – China's largest in recent memory, according to the New York-based non-governmental organisation (NGO) China Labour Watch.

From the Wire:
48,000 workers at the Chinese shoe supplier to Nike and Adidas, Yue Yuen (part of the Pou Chen Group), have been striking since 14 April. Workers went on strike to demand that the company repay years of stolen social insurance payments, implement a significant wage increase, and sign legal labour contracts (having found that the company had been making them sign fake work contracts for nearly 20 years). The company had responded by offering a measly wage increase and cost of living payment that the workers rejected. The sheer scale and longevity of the action represents an historic turn in the formation of global capitalism. There are a number of reasons why this strike is terrifying not only for the supplier factory bosses in China but also for transnational capitalism.

What concerns me about this report is Its not being reported
Not a word in Daily Kos , The Huffington Post or, MSNBC
We may be witnessing the breakdown of Global Capitalism before our eyes and the only thing that seems to matter is Cliven Bundy? Priorities everyone  Does anyone see the famificaitons of this If this strike spreads throughout  China and to Bangladesh?
To quote Stephen Stills "Three's something happening here. What it is, ain't exactly clear"


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