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The one percent (rich) can all go out to vote and it is still 1 percent. So, in order to gain power and enact the laws that have created the most imbalanced wealth distribution in the civilized world, they fooled the righteous, the gun-toting dim-witted rednecks and the vulnerable people of retarded mental development to do their heavy lifting. The 3 R's fight in the trenches against progress and vote for their own financial demise.

If they can take their one percent and add about 15 percent evangelical Christians, add another 15 percent of rednecks (a lot of the gun guys, racists, mysoginists, some libertarians, mean cops, angry military, some nascar guys, Clint Eastwood, dove hunters, the Duck Dynasty boys, etc.) and 20 percent that genuinely are overwhelmed by politics and fall for sound bites like drill baby drill; let's fight 'em over there so we do not have to fight 'em over here; we are a Christian nation; unions are a thing of the past; Canadians hate their healthcare; I do not want to live like Eurpoeans in their little cars and little homes; Obama is a Kenyan Mau Mau Socialist Muslim; coal is clean; Sen. Feinstein is coming for my guns; guns make us safer; the Russians are coming; etc. Presto, chango, alla kazam -- you have 51 percent of the vote and the fools have just handed their collective wealth to the already filthy rich.

That is how the tail wags the dog, how 3 million people determine the number of people that live in poverty and proceed to set the low, difficult standard of living for most of the remaining Americans.

You then hire Limbaugh, purchase FAUX News and fill CNBC with Joe Kernan and Rick Santelli types. You mug Stephanoupolis, Chris Mathews, Tom Brokejaw, Chuck Todd and David Gregory if they get out of line. Or you simply make them an offer they cannot refuse - like a gravy gig on TV.

The hypnotic message is repeated on every media outlet and the game is over for the American middle-class. Fearful sound bites are played over and over and over...

While few know who the Koch Brothers are, the damage ALEC is doing, or to what extent gerrymandering and voter suppression is taking place, the media can drown common sense in the minutia of Ben Ghazi.

Meanwhile, the rich laugh at the righteous, the rednecks carry assault rifles into restaurants, the retarded shake in fear that the red scare is alive and well, and the middle-class is turned into the robbed. You cannot make this stuff up.


Which right-wing think-tank generated sound bite is the most outrageous?

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