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So wow. I finally got the stomach up to read the clown car Texas GOP Party Platform. While a lot of attention has been given to the GOP's desire to return to an era where Gay Therapy was not a quack science, there is a more stunning and serious line item for Republicans to answer.

Eliminations of Property Taxes.

While I understand the GOP has gone full Talibaptist on the social issues, this desire to eliminate property taxes in the state of Texas is the most fiscally irresponsible talking point ever put down on paper.


Most politicians love politicing, few are very good at actually civics anymore. This departure from reality cannot be highlighted more than the Tea Party GOP of Texas demanding the elimination of property taxes.

Texas does not have a state income tax.

Never has, never will.

So to fund the greatest place on Earth, the Texas Constitution lays out very systematic ways to fund our basic services, i.e. Property Taxes.

From the ye older Texas State website, by GOPer Susan Combs:

Where Does the Money Go?

The local property tax is the largest single funding source for community services. State government receives no benefit from these local taxes. Your local property taxes help to pay for your public schools, city streets, county roads, police departments, fire protection and many other vital programs.

So Greg Abbott, if we eliminate property taxes, which would require changing the Texas Constitution btw, how does the GOP plan for local governments to pay for the police?

Or the fire department?

Or the schools?

Or the roads?

Or the hospitals?

Or the countless other vital programs that is the very purpose of government?

How do you, Mr. Abbott, plan to pay for each local government's bill for basic civic services if we eliminate the very income stream that pays for them?

Where will all this magical money come from?

If Greg Abbott is a serious candidate, he will answer this very serious question.

Otherwise the Texas GOP plan is to bankrupt ever city, town and village in Texas to placate their Tea Party base.

So do tell Mr. Abbott, are you trying to destroy Texas, and if not, where is all the money for first responders to schools to very roads we drive on going to come from?

The only logically way is a state income tax to fund local governments, and even us tree hugging tea sipping big L Liberals in Austin don't want that.


Greg Abbot plans to fund local governments in Texas with

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