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Harry Reid started his news conference today by blasting the Republican attacks on the successful capture of one of the men involved in the attack on our Consulate in Benghazi.

Republicans have been greeting the news that US Special Forces and FBI Agents had successfully carried out a raid which captured one of the leaders behind the 2012 Benghazi attack.

TPM described the Republican reaction reaction

Almost immediately following the reports that Ahmed Abu Khattala was in U.S. custody, conservatives furthered their distraction meme, questioning the motives and timing behind Khattala's capture.

Fox News' Kennedy suggested that the the news was timed to boost Hillary Clinton's book tour and distract from her role in the administration's response to the Benghazi attack.

The usual suspects voiced their suspicions that Obama could have arrested the terrorist at any time, but waited until now to distract people from the Benghazi Hearings, which no one is paying any attention to anyway.

Harry Really let them have it.

"It doesn't matter what your ideology is, you should feel good about this. There’s no conspiracy here, this is actual news. But the reaction of some of the Republicans, I’ve been told, is to downplay and insult the brave men and women of our special forces and the FBI. They’re trying to say, oh, it’s no big deal. I wonder if the men and women who captured the terrorist agree. But the Republicans said it's no big deal. Even in these days of polarization, created by the obstruction, the delay, and diversion of the Republicans, even in these days of polarization, their reaction is shocking and disgusting. They’re so obsessed with criticism, criticizing anything President Obama does. They’ll go so far as to sit here and insult the men and women in uniform and in law enforcement. They should stop and think, just for a little bit, about what it’s like to put your life on the line and to do something for our country -- that’s what they did. They’re insulting these good men and women who did some courageous things, heroic things, in order to criticize President Obama. I think they’ve lost touch with reality; it’s really pathetic, there’s no other word for it."
I really like the feisty Harry Reid who has emerged in recent months after a long stretch of muting his attacks on the opposition in the hope that the Republicans might someday cooperate with Dems and get something done. Harry has wisely decided the Republicans don't care at all about America and Americans. He seems to have written them off as a party capable of getting the people's business done.
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