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When we last met a few days ago, many of you, myself included, guessed that I had heard the last from my prospective date on EHarmony. Au contraire. This woman really loves me. Take into consideration that she is a retired school teacher. I truly pity her former students. It seems she has a bit of trouble with the English language and writing in complete sentences. But, why would she need to teach that. Word corrects everything. Here's her response. Enjoy!

Wow to you as well! I wasn't going to dignify your political rant, and I don't like confrontation, but yours hit a nerve and after having some time to digest all you spewed I decided to respond. In my opinion, obama is the most corrupt, American hating president in history! He is someone's puppet, um, and he, um, is trying to destroy this ah, country! I he um doesn't have a ah teleprompter from which to read he ah can't even give a speech without making huge mistakes. As for the stock market, do you really think it should be as high as it is? NO, and when it crashes (self-corrects) we will go into yet another depression. Vacations, this one is constantly playing golf, going to fund raisers, and generally ignoring what is going on in the rest of the world. At least she President Bush went 'on vacation' he usually went to his family home, which didn't cost US much. Mrs. obama and the girls go one way and he goes another, which costs even more in secret service, air fares, etc. He cares nothing for the middle class, and when he is finally out of office - is it 2016 yet? he will go on trying to destroy this country just as his father did. 2016, the Movie was chilling!
As this will be my last communication with you, I will wish you luck in your quest to find someone on eHarmony!

After all that I wrote her, she comes back at me weekly with this dribble. It all sounds like Republican and Fox News talking points. First note that Obama is in lower case. Is the president trying to destroy the country? Didn't he have to repair the mess left by his predecessor? The teleprompter stuff is like old news from 3-4 years ago. At least this president can pronounce words and speaks intelligently.

Did this lady admit that we were in a depression? How, pray tell, did we get there? Vacations are okay, as long as the president spends time with his family, even though it was for 1/4 of Bush's two terms. Am I wrong? Didn't two Air Force 1s travel to Texas each time Bush went there. Where is the cost saving?  I haven't heard much about our president playing golf. I think she has him confused with that orange skinned gentleman, the House Speaker. Isn't it amazing? We finally have a President who works, but the Republicans have blinders on. Where did she come up with the part about "trying to destroy this country just as his father did?" I missed something here. Was that his Kenyan father or his Hawaiian father? Why not go after his Irish great grandfather as well.

In case you missed the first part, read below the fold. I must say, this was great fun. Thank you for all the great comments. By the way, it was she who confronted me, first on religion, and then on Obama and OUR Country.  

I was communicating with a lady for the past few weeks. She asked about my religion, and didn't like what I had to say.
So I received this response:

So looks like religion may be a topic we can agree to disagree about! Where do you stand politically? Obama supporter or anti-Obama? I find most if not all politicians today to be in there for themselves and not for the people who put them there and wish we could get rid of them all, or at least change the way things are, like term limits on all offices, no life time benefits when they may only serve a term or 2, same medical as we are forced to settle for, etc. I was never very political until 2008, when I really started looking and listening more carefully to what was going on, and now I have very definite opinions when it comes to politics and Washington!

I responded that I was pro Obama, to which I received this response:
Okay, so now politics are also an area where we disagree! I won't even start on what I think about our current so-called president and what I think should happen to him and his uppity family! No, I'm not prejudiced, just have very strong opinions about his time in OUR White House!

Now it was MY TURN:
Wow! You said that you got interested in politics in 2008? What movie were you watching from 2000-2008? Do you remember the stolen election of 2000, where the Supremes(with 5 members of the radical Catholic wing Opus Dei) took away Florida's right to count votes? The election where Jeb was purging voters at an alarming rate, 22,000 in Jacksonville alone. 14 years later, Republican states are still making it impossible to vote, like in North Carolina where college students have had to file suit to vote this year, or in your own State of Pennsylvania, where the Governor and legislature plotted to block up to 750,000 votes last election.

 Have you ever heard of PNAC, Project for a New American Century? Google it. Look closely at the members. You will recognize many of them. If their mission statement is still intact, it once said that "all they needed was another Pearl Harbor to totally control this country". Would that be 9-11?

 Weapons of Mass destruction? I think not. Actually, I was on a flight from Atlanta to Prague. My seatmate was one of three members of the International Atomic Energy Commission on that flight who searched Iraq for the alleged weapons. Bush and Company lied to us to get us into two wars. Even Colin Powell is now coming out saying he wished he hadn't been a part of that lie.

 Have you seen the documentary, Iraq for Sale? Pick up a copy and watch how VP Cheney's companies Halliburton and KBR stole billions of US dollars. It seems to me I read that as many as 120,000 Cheney mercenaries were on the ground in Iraq, including the private army Blackwater,  earning six figures, while our soldiers got paid peanuts.

 Google ALEC, American Legislative Exchange Council, a group funded by rich Republicans including the Koch brothers, who are writing state legislation by bribing elected officials with lavish trips and other goodies.

 Where was the stock market when Bush left office? Wasn't it around 6,000, and now it's at 16,000. Before the Affordable Care Act, 43 million Americans had no insurance. We should be ashamed! We need a single payer like Medicare for all, but the Republicans watered down the original bill. What we have now is at least a start in the right direction.

 A Republican president by the name of Eisenhower warned us about "the military and oil industrialists who will try to take over our country." He was right. But, this president built our amazing interstate highway system, probably his greatest legacy. Fifty years later, we have done little to upgrade or repair what Eisenhower started. 65,000 bridges are near collapse. A 2 trillion dollar highway fund is being held hostage by Congress, and it will expire this month. An infrastructure fix would employ 750,000 people with good jobs, not burger flipping. Can we ever expect to have a transportation service like Europe and Asia, where trains run on time, or they get fined? Our trains could travel at 165-200 mph if we would invest in new tracks to support high speed rail. But, in several states, including Florida and New Jersey, Republican governors have rejected funding for high speed rail in their states.

 Our education system, once among the best in the world, has dropped to the mid teens, or lower. How did that happen? It started with Reagan and his Education Secretary, William Bennett. What happened to free education for all? Oh, Reagan stopped that too. Now we have student debt at one trillion dollars. Our youth will struggle to buy a home or other tangible items because of this debt. Wouldn't it be nice if we could forgive this debt? We were able to throw away 3-4 trillion on the two bogus wars, so why not help our youth?

 Speaking of the two wars, why are we in Afghanistan? Have you ever heard of KAPI? That's the oil pipeline that we are protecting that runs from Kazakhstan to Afghanistan to Pakistan to India.

 And then, we have the children at the border, refugees fleeing their home countries from violence against young people, literally death squads, real ones, not the kind Sarah Palin was blabbering about. They are seeking political asylum, but are being throw in with the immigration mess, mostly because they have dark skin. Did you know that most illegals are white? 60% of illegals in the USA are from Central and Eastern Europe, mostly Russian, and from Canada.

 Who knew? What do you think about women's rights? Is it okay to limit access to birth control medications to women, while men can get Viagra or a vasectomy? What about the women who need birth control medications for medical reasons? Is it okay for women to have vaginal probes to check for pregnancy, as several Republican states have passed? I think not.

 Climate change is real. Arctic ice is melting at an alarming rate, methane gas is being released into the atmosphere, acidity in the waters off the coast of Florida is killing the coral, and thus the food chain. Storms continue to get worse as more moisture is in the air.
It will be interesting to see how you will react when OUR country elects a woman, either Hillary Clinton or Elizabeth Warren, as the next President. At least she won't be an uppity black man, who must have been born in some foreign country...Hawaii!!!

Seriously, the American public needs to be more informed as to what is going on in the world. Faux News, is just that...a mouthpiece for the Republican Party, filled with lies. The owner of Faux News is under indictment in Britain for false news among other charges. Journalism is dead in the USA. But Thank God that we have someone sane in the White after what happened today. McCain or Bush would have had us at war by now. You don't think Bush was uppity? The man never worked a day in his life, except maybe on his ranch with his more than 700 vacation days in eight years.
We'll manage without AC. It's just a minor inconvenience, but thank you for caring.

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